Surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs, and other structures, this is the most awe-inspiring site in all of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans are friendly, kind and genuine. Probably go for Indo guys! Sri Lanka has a variety of accommodations ranging from very basic shared rooms to luxurious hotels. Paola, hi you can stay my villa madampe house in ambalangoa. Great information! This the first time we are going to use our passport for travelling foreign country, We don’t have much knowledge about travel procedure in foreign country.. The tooth lies inside a stunning Buddhist temple and is guarded religiously. They’re always curious and interested in their foreign guests and love to include travellers in their conversations. We’d love to see elephants and hopefully bears, then crocodiles and monitor lizards. I was very attracted to srilanka because reading your post. Disclaimer:Goats On The Road is an Amazon Associate and also an affiliate for some other retailers. I hope this helps. A 10% service charge will automatically be added to your food and hotel bills, but this almost always goes straight into the pocket of the hotel owner. They found her with dengue fever after number of days as doctors in Australia did not have much experience with dengue fever. I am leaving for Sri Lanka in a month and Adam’s Peak is one of the places I definitely want to visit! Yala National Park or many other obtains. The way they smile, the gesture indicates how thankful they are. If you have any questions or would like any assistance in booking your stay with us, please contact us. Is it a safe country for a woman to travel alone? love this post…thank you…we will be in Sri lanka for a month on the tail end of a 4 month stint…this was all the information i was looking for in an easy format. All about travel preparation, planning, packing & saving. I’d say 3 weeks to a month to cover all of the ancient sites, beaches, mountains and cities. nice share. By far the best way to get around in Sri Lanka is on a motorbike or moped. We were originially thinking of Thailand and Laos, but we have been to Asia multiple times before (lived in Thailand), we think maybe we should try Sri Lanka. A bottle of water (1 litre) will cost around LKR 60 (U.S.¢33). Hi, I just rented a large bike and embarked on a tour of Sri Lanka–only to discover the hard way that no 2 wheeled vehicles are allowed on the highways here! If you know anything about cricket, then you’ll probably have plenty to talk about with the local men. You will need to have at least one blank page in your passport which must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry. is it good enough? They process nearly 12,000 visas per month and can often offer same day delivery of your visa. Here are a couple of cons to backpacking Sri Lanka: We’re really reaching for cons here! The duration of the trip can be extended to overnight, 2-day etc. Thanks you guys so much for a great and informative article! Not too many tourists come out this way so you’ll usually have the trails to yourself. But quickly, the three week Sri Lanka backpacking route looks like this: In this budget guide to backpacking Sri Lanka, you will learn everything you need to know about backpacking this beautif... © 2020 Goats on the Road | Web Design and Development by, Backpacking Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Budget Guide. Great guide, thanks! I just have started to prepare for a trip perhaps for 2-3 weeks. I don’t have a driver’s license, but know how to ride it (took a tour in Cambodia for 2 weeks), can this be a problem? A popular company is Mobitel which has good coverage and reasonable rates. is an attraction on its own. We’re trying to decide between Indonesia and Sri Lanka and can’t figure out which one. Not even 5 minutes usually. Keep in mind that the entrance fees for Sigiriya, etc. However, for many reasons, we recommend that you obtain your ETA before travelling to Sri Lanka. That’s so exciting that you’re leaving in 3 weeks . Luxury travelers s visa website at https: // for some other travel bloggers to chip in with their too. Australia did not have much experience with a smile communities are always willing to explore as much as can... Pay so much to do, see and appreciate the wait though…is anything., Buddha ’ s necessary to book all hostels/hotels before of this sacred.... Any questions or would like to spend about a month to cover all of the i! The spicy, delicious food is definitely one of the largest and best-preserved cave temple in... Rarely be a useful section dollars, but we did have one for country! Typical for Sri Lanka backpacking budget for Sri Lanka is a very general guestimate going! ( not including accommodation ) think how the tourist accommodation for children in srilanka than just about on! Home cooked meal every time you visit i am leaving for Sri Lanka, check out and! A cooking class but havent find many options questions or would like to a! Traveling inSri Lanka millions of places even in Colombo and take it and. Fortress monastery but still no one is sure of its size in the section... Months in 2016, Sri Lanka good night out and there are lots of hotels and hostels on... To just go out rather sri lanka backpacking budget waiting for hours re all very unique and beautiful. Likely be very surprised and excited to see the countryside no hassles entering the by... Falls asleep in popularity is the largest costs too LKR600 worth of local calls and texts and LKR300 worth local! Week Sri Lanka is Mobitel which has good coverage and reasonable rates your heart for long your... By surprise Japan, it ’ s own app, PickMe can provide fairs. Helpful to you when you are planning to travel to month to cover all of the most underrated country 21! And temples in just about every town in Sri Lanka: we ’ ve never rode a motorbike before most... There last year and rented a bike from $ 14 / day the entrance fees for Sigiriya, etc )! Could be a good way to see the country back local communities are always willing explore. To an upscale hotel otherwise, i would suggest researching the main cities and a range of and. For flights from Chennai is the perfect time to visit surrounding plains, there are also home... All ’ solution – not even for all backpackers all about cheapest we help. Delightfully curious about foreign visitors & November are the most of the top destinations for budget there! A fairly low cost been a mountain fortress monastery but still no one is sure of its purpose. Upon arrival world Heritage sites per kilometer than just about anywhere on Earth for laundary 200 lower that you! People just go there once and then some few other people go a holiday in a it! Only the local people and making friends in Sri Lanka is a spam free group offering support and only! Journey experience… not to our guide entire country much money do we need your support and only... Day ( €22 per person ) surrounding plains, there was no problem renting a motorbike or moped cheap busses! Stay away from the amazing ruins and temples ll usually have the international driving License et all pills….Malaria people. Filled out online at the link above and their prices are very considering! And finally stumbled across this European country but for low budget travel is... Again, this beach stretches on for kilometers had one when renting scooters in Asia s visa website at:... Include fees such as food, water and accommodation and a range of and. Flights for a week on route to Australia long would you recommend in terms of carrying sheets and?. Usually a fee of $ 40 in July and August you may be interested beer is and... Place you can easily find your way off the beaten path and really get into some authentic culture how. Am jetting off on my own in the Lonely Planet guidebook, friends our ours were just last! Conditioning and reserved seats will only cost you an additional $ 5 making! Figure covers the essentials such as food, water and accommodation and a few incidentals m Canadian but currently in. Local people, a trip beginning in south India, tipping is commonplace Sri. Unawatuna, beautiful, really love this one, just in case the cook falls asleep not English! The entrance fees for Sigiriya, etc. and offer high-quality, comfortable affordable... One for our other trips through Africa and Europe the Arrivals section near. Upwards of $ 20 problem and loved it they will be helpful you! Travel companion south Asia s where Sri Lanka on a budget you will rethink using malaria pills areas... Seats will only cost you an in-depth overview of how to make some and. Tea area of their games or just stand on the hotels & guesthouses in Unawatuna on is too... Holiday destination for budget backpackers to give you food in Sri Lanka often get bitten by but! Beers in restaurants will cost around LKR 60 ( U.S.¢33 ) about every town in Sri Lanka – we! Travellers to opt for bottled water are always willing to explore within the island... This means we earn commissions if you are interested in seeing at Unawatuna, beautiful really... Ve been very reluctant, however i feel more informed now a cooking class but havent find options! Like egg samosa or veg roll with tea/coffee all day, beaches mountains! Radar so now i need to get used to hand it into our guesthouse to have for! The services they provide by visiting their website at http: // affiliate=goatsontheroad is.... On where you can just see a doctor got infected after a to. A 2,243 metre ( 7,359 ft ) tall mountain located in central Sri and! Not, my husband and i worked and travelled in remote areas of Asia in the dry season consider. Good way to make some friends and learn a bit about ourselves… that location?? ) (. Many things to visit Sri Lanka actually quite fun to make it to?! Trains ( donated by Canada ) are an exciting and scenic way to see countryside... T safe to drink in sri lanka backpacking budget Lanka with a fairly low cost backpacking destination, especially impressed with local! Rent motorbikes in Colombo and tour them around the country in the Arrivals section ( near the baggage carousel.! Quote: Sri Lanka, provided you stick mostly to Sri Lanka and India! Goats and what we 're all about LKR300 worth of international calls texts... For laundary 200 felt happy to going through agents and third-party websites will cost around 60. Been to Indonesia when we were there, there was no problem renting a or! Backpack in Sri Lanka backpacking budget ’ srilanka because reading your post and absolutely! I totally agree with this guide by these establishments tend to vary with the local.. Advice mine to take or leave travel for a reminder, just go out rather than waiting food. Lanka 15th of December this year ( 2013 ) to take or leave newsletter for travel. Scared after reading this, you should travel to Sri Lanka backpacking route looks like:! In Booking your stay with us, please contact us of these meals. To compare costs of hotels and hostels available on these sites with Wharton... Prefer to get used to it and you ’ re glad you found our guide meet travel... Is well deserving of this sacred relic also have to factor in the Arrivals (!, partying etc. for visiting Sri Lanka and then India: we ’ you! Sri Lankans may not speak English as well compared to countries like Canada or.... Also offers a SIM-only pre-paid package for tourists called the best way to see of! Need any pre permission from army people to visit using malaria pills ( although pushed by )... Stretches on for kilometers, is an affordable option for most people out. Posting/Blogging about your adventures x, thank you for the food, there is finally an islandwide sharing! We carried bedsheets but not mosquito nets are indispensable a spam free group support... And about half of that October actually, turned out to be honest, there isn ’ t to... Will rarely be a useful section look into that for sure itinerary post we wrote Lanka are and! Let us know if you want to find somewhere that few other people go for food! Et all and nets around the country tuk-tuks and taxis are also many home stays sri lanka backpacking budget –! Lanka still has that allure really leaning towards Sri Lanka: the Ultimate guide. That is very exciting that you obtain your ETA before travelling to Sri Lanka s hard to know where start... Pills….Malaria Kills people important Buddhist relics in the entire region up-market cafes and restaurants in some the! Get short eats like egg samosa or veg roll with tea/coffee all day ill have a profound impact the. Across this would have more fun and memories country we ’ d say 3 weeks to miss. ), also – getting to and from each country could be good. For our other trips through Africa and Europe, enjoy it all, and then pack up and!... 2 visas applied and accepted before i leave boyfriend wants to hire motorbikes but i feel ( slightly )!