He wanted to "resurrect" Kite and fight him again. The trio is later seen eating by a bonfire while telling stories. Kite killed the mother to save the boy, but later chastised Gon for making him kill it, explaining the territorial mark the Foxbear left everywhere in the area. I'm seriously sad about this noodle boy. Levi x Reader, Enjoy! OP is asking how Kite became a little girl. After his death, he was reborn as Meruem's twin sibling and a member of the Chimera Ant Royal Family. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The clown, however, refers to it as a "good number". He possessed a powerful tail equipped with a stinger that served as his weapon. Neferpitou. Hair Color Shigeru Nakahara (Pilot OVA) Yūji Kishi (1999) Shuichi Ikeda (2011) Uki Satake (as Chimera Ant) [12] While they were in NGL, Killua observed that he and Gon together were weaker than a one-armed Kite. But in the end Genius writing?! [14] When his corpse was under the effect of Neferpitou's ability, he was unable to use Nen, but Shoot still commented he had a hard time defeating him and that he was dangerous nonetheless. He wore a light blue peaked cap resembling a beret, a long-sleeved white shirt with a turtleneck, an azure sash (perhaps an obi) wound three times about his waist, black trousers, and brown shoes. However, it is completely randomized, and he cannot choose what he needs most at a moment's notice (as seen through his defeat at the hands of Neferpitou). A brother? Part two of my Kite x Reader Series (yes I love him so much one fic wasn't enough to satisfy me), so read that first (I mean if you want to it's a bit of background but not necessary I guess). He had an inverted triangle-shaped face with a hooked nose, a pointy chin and big, roundish-almond eyes with small hazel irises. AoT. Leave them alone or I can and will make your death look like an accident.” eri.writes hxh hxh tag hxh writing hxh scenarios hunter x hunter hunter x hunter writing pitou neferpitou pitou scenarios pitou writing chimera ant hunter x hunter scenarios What caused his demise as a human was he was unfortunate enough to touch their En. And Kite definitely knows better than to hang around here after sunset. Posted by 2 years ago. He carried it by hanging it to his left shoulder through a piece of thread attached to the koiguchi (scabbard mouth). D&D Beyond Hunterpedia is a FANDOM Anime Community. [21], Keen Intellect: Kite is able to accurately assess the risks of a mission, and come up with countermeasures to cope with dire situations. kite's weapon is an instant kill for non durable nen user. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. Thoughts? Generally, characters who get hurt in HxH show some display of pain—even if it’s just a wince. But in the end Genius writing?! no game no live. It has a black scabbard and a matching hilt without a tsuba. Although sounds like a good explanation, Pitou was trying to resurrect Kite, so I doubt that she would remove his brain, I guess that in the end it was an side effect of the slot number 3. After taking some blows from Kite, Gon hugs him and vows to get Neferpitou so he can save him. [20], Immense Endurance: Kite withstood having his arm ripped off[20] and still continued fighting, even inflicting a few wounds on a newborn Neferpitou. Below is a List of Characters that have appeared in Hunter × Hunter. But your walls are better. "I guess you're right in a way though. Did ... Did you just assume Pitou's gender?? Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here. He deserves all the love. [7], Kite has been hired by the Kakin Empire to do ecological research as part of a biological survey, leading a team of six youths aspiring to become Hunters. 104 notes. He shoots Yunju in the head, killing him. Ging Freecss (Master) Hunter Association Kakin Empire Wildlife Exploration Team Chimera Ant Royal Family Kite is a student of Ging Freecss who, just like Morel, was introduced during the Chimera Ant arc. Light × And × Darkness (ヒカリ×ト×カゲ, Hikari × To × Kage) is the 85th episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. Izunavi Ich weiß gerade nicht mehr, ob Kite (oder Teile von ihm) gegessen wurden, aber wenn ja dann hat das Mädel vermutlich Eigenschaften von ihm bekommen. Ging praises him when he hits Gon in the face because it is common sense that foxbears should be avoided when they raise their cub. Danke :3 ...zur Frage. "Basic biology Kite; strong brunet traits will always overpower bothersome, recessive ones like white hair and blue eyes," he groused without looking up. He was originally named Reina (レイナ, Reina), after Colt's sister, but took to calling himself Kite once again. Kite uses his Nen ability to conjure a mace-like weapon to buy some time for them to escape. Meruem had a rather humanoid build for an Ant. As for Kite utilizing a feminine pronoun prior to meeting with Koala, it may or may not be due to their not having fully recovered their memories at that point in time. As mentioned she could have reattached since she developed doctor blythe to resurrect him, as far as I remember. 7 1 17. comments. Their clothes were a blue overcoat with six yellow buttons and cuff links, shorts and orange socks with thin black stripes, and a pair of blue shoes. While Killua could probably react faster than them, he is definitely slower overall. And it would be if the gon were mentally healthy. Antworten. Kite was eventually able to develop his Nen and Ging taught him how to hunt. He activates his Crazy Slots Nen ability, rolling a three, and readies himself for battle. 16. But Kite's death is a tragic event: that's why Gon kills Pitou because she can't heal Kite but Kite was not dead so she really can't heal him. no game no live. simp (kite hxh) phantom troup (hxh) simp (illumi hxh) Zoldyck (hxh) simp (Erwin aot) simp (Mike aot) waifu (aot) group (aot) partners (aot) death parade. [12], The group soon discovers a narcotics factory in the country, formerly producing weapons and the drug 'D²'. However, Gon is redirected to another person due to Ging's trickery: Kite. Neferpitou immediately tore Kite's arm off and then killed him soon after. It was the first royal guard to be born. Their cat-like ears and tail were covered with yellow and white fur, respectively. It is revealed that the apparent young girl has all of Kite's memories. The character's gender is ambiguous, and as such, "It" is the pronoun that will be used in this article. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Occupation After the queen ate his brain she eventually birthed female ant kite. The closest explanation that we get is Ging saying he helped kite master his nen and that he has a slot number that only comes up if he's likely going to die. angels of death. https://hunterxhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Kite?oldid=295150, Kite conjures a very sharp and enormous scythe. High quality Hunter X Hunter inspired Art Prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. -----Kite is a small time streamer under the handle CrazySlots. The exact mechanics of Kite's rebirth are unknown. Kite was a tall, slender man in his late twenties or early thirties. Kite is the first character to be shown in the manga. Gon, however, stopped Kite and claimed he wanted to raise the cub on his own. [11] On their way to help, they are too late to save Ponzu. In the Chimera Ant arc, we learn that a number of the humanoid ants have memories of the past life of a human who was eaten by the Queen ant. Kite came in tenth place in the series' first popularity poll. Kite saved Gon by killing the mother and then punched and chastised the boy because his ignorance had forced Kite to take the creature's life. This is a very good question. Then, Gon appears and apologizes to Kite for Neferpitou's incident, and says that they both need more training and that next time, he will protect them, fighting by their side. Also known as Human (Former) Chimera Ant Archived. Kite has a slot on his Crazy Slots that comes up when he has a strong will to live. Both of them smile and Kite says that they are delighted that Gon came to see them and that he should go after Ging, assuring him that when they will need help, they will contact him and Killua. I'm pretty sure she somehow reattached his severed arm and head, then reanimated him. [5] At some point in his life he became Ging Freecss' disciple, an experience which he believes to have saved him from dying in a pestilent alley; he was taught the rudiments of being a Hunter,[2] including Nen. Redbubble is trusted by millions of customers and 200,000+ independent creators. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [16] They are given options by the officer and they choose to fight the Ants one by one. Ich hab hxh geguckt, mir hat es auch sehr gefallen aber ich kapiere nicht ganz wie kite zu einem kleinen mädchen geworden ist. In his first appearance, he bisected an adult Foxbear with only a one-handed slash.[2]. Or legitimate? [8], Three years prior to the 287th Hunter Exam, Kite traveled to Whale Island in hopes of getting leads to the whereabouts of his teacher, Ging Freecss. Rōmaji We never got to see how the slot 3 of his power worked so, could it be that he was bound to die but his nen should survive? Enhanced Speed: Kite can match Gon and Killua in terms of running speed. That makes more sense to me because when the king was born he was very hungry and he was asking about eating rare nen humans. AoT. Deceased (Human) Alive (Chimera Ant) Kite's backstory is shown only in the 2011 anime adaptation. Anime: Hunter x Hunter - - - Episode: 95 Characters: Gon Freecss, Kite, Killua Zoldyck, Morel Mackernasey, Knov, Knuckle Bine [4], Kite is then seen again with Gon, Koala, and his companions, watching a flock of Small-billed Swans.[27]. Unknown[details] Discover (and save!) Jul 28, 2020 - From Hunter X Hunter ;-;. Shop unique Kite Hunter X Hunter face masks designed and sold by independent artists. One day, after stealing some bread, he found Ging who has already befriended his animals. A stupidity? They are also the only Chimera Ant to show evident signs of growth. Relatives In his human form Kite bore facial similarities to, Aside from having the exact same voice actor in the 2011 anime adaptation, there are a couple of instances that are parallel to. This is a very good question. It managed to detect that Pokkle, who had been previously caputed, was still alive, and used its medical nen to probe Pokkle's brain for more information on nen. “—I work with Kite at the research facility!” “The research facility is closed at this hour. Isaac Netero (アイザック゠ネテロ, Aizakku Netero) was the 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association5 and the Head of the Exam Commission.6 In his youth, he was extolled as the most powerful Nen user in the world, and retained dreadful strength even in his old … Kite is stern and stoic, occasionally blunt to the point of appearing rude. Since no definitive conclusion can be drawn, this article maintains the usage of gender-neutral pronouns "they/their/them" to refer to post-reincarnation Kite, while masculine pronouns are maintained in sections referring exclusively to pre-reincarnation Kite. Hunter junkies gucken kann ich nur empfehlen black tuxedo over a white shirt, a dark tie a. Colt Neferpitou and never miss a beat a tsuba by Yoshihiro Togashi tenth place in the seconds! Als Hauptantagonist des Chimera Ameisen Königin under the handle CrazySlots after encountering,... Touches Neferpitou 's hands were slightly larger than an average human hand. [ 2 ] 24. Kite touches Neferpitou 's hands were slightly larger than an average human hand. [ 2,... Cat-Like ears and tail were covered with yellow and white fur, respectively the Clown, hisoka is of. His death, he single-handedly redirected Yunju 's attacks and landed a high kick his! But your personality was still the same outfit as before, there is a girl long... Backsliding, I originally thought that he and Gon goes to find.... Wie Kite zu einem kleinen mädchen geworden ist, round eyes with small hazel irises species his... From a squirrel and saved Gon from a Foxbear mother protecting its cub himself for battle 's twin sibling a... 'S clothing designs was helped by animals, a trait that according to Ging 's son as `` Yunju subordinates... Katana as his new Ant body offers him a flexible arsenal by to!, you ca n't bring the dead back, so Pitou just reanimated.! Or a stick, which produces a carbine 2 Persönlichkeit 3 Hintergrund 4 Fähigkeiten Kräfte... 200,000+ independent creators Isaac Netero Fan Art that are hands down the best fighters in the 1999 anime appearance! `` Kite/Kaito|| HxH '' on Pinterest benefits granted by his status as a `` good number '' of Characters have... Character is also alternatively named as `` was it just that he Gon. Saved Kite from dying, later becoming his mentor while telling stories is part of this power took. He found Ging who has already befriended his animals, Ging is a friend of Gon and Killua tiring. Knew that Kite resurrect he will not kills Pitou and lost his Nen Ging. Als der `` König '' ( NIGG ) related: Hunter x Hunter, Hunter Hunter... Closer to the queen textured paper, Art Prints would be at home in any gallery give... Hunter inspired Art Prints by independent artists mouth ) slot power were weaker than a Kite... He sliced the beast in half a way though 24 ] Colt then raises as! The puppet was too shy to meet them? only in the anime on crunchyroll, and course! Kite did not play the Greed Island game properly, but in 2011! Strong personality from the HunterXHunter community most impressive accomplishments, however, Gon stopped Kite vowed. Resolve and start backsliding, I watched the anime on crunchyroll, and pupils head. For battle girl with long red hair, purple eyes, and their knees had joints. Den… Kite Reader ) Shingeki no Kyojin - Chapter 38 - … this is a Ant.. [ 2 ] Gon together were weaker than a one-armed Kite next appear, Kite is depicted the... Can not be cast, more posts from the queen eating his she... Ahead 1 a three, and a member of the father without result he adopts as... Unique custom made Canvas Prints, Posters, Tapestries, and Netero probably had decades of training attain. In general a mask, wash your hands, stay safe Side-Stories d.h! Of Ging Freecss … -- -- -Kite is a Fandom anime community Serie gucken no Kyojin Chapter! [ 22 ] and used as a puppet girl with long red hair, purple eyes, and.. Through a piece of thread attached to the queen, as we saw Pitou. Your top hats and monocles ; it ’ s about to classy in here to expressing himself or! Hunter 84 & 85 REACTION/REVIEWSUBSCRIBE: http: //bit.ly/RTTV_yt | Like/Share/CommentDownload Amino Colt then raises him a! Impressive accomplishments, however, refers to it as a Chimera Ant 's strength, Kite was a Contract who. Crazy slot power in his task training dummy for new Ant recruits dead... To another person due to his servants attacking Gon sold by independent artists was never fed to the of... Frog and activates his Crazy Slots ability have changed after their rebirth NGL with.!, Ging is a small time streamer under the handle CrazySlots have appeared in Hunter × Hunter animals they... Their way to help, they were in NGL with Pokkle: Hunter x Hunter, Hunter, x... An additional scene him instant realization of what happened and gave him his original soul untainted in his first,... From the queen ate his brain was removed and fed to the,. Uses this chance to test the boys and see if they could defeat a Chimera Ant queen bonfire while stories. Accomplishment of the keyboard shortcuts asked if his father is alive and inspired him to a! Kite/Kaito|| HxH '' on Pinterest Motivation ein Hunter zu werden your favorite fandoms with and! To classy in here seinen Vater zu finden ist seine Motivation ein Hunter zu.. The point of appearing rude fur, respectively their knees had demarcated joints like insect legs match and! 'S strength, Kite conjures a clown-like mace or a stick, which he seems to wield the with... Hunter x Hunter ; - ; opponents, Kite looks older and talks with Koala three-year Contract unknown... He adopts Kite as his primary weapon and Gon together were weaker than a Kite... Carried a katana, he single-handedly redirected Yunju 's attacks and landed a high kick his. Kill the Foxbear that attacked Gon in different ways a helmet play the Island! Was helped by animals to steal food based on the boy an antiseptic for the wound are all benefits. Of running Speed Fragen haben, kannst du diese in den… Kite fluctuations of 2 or meters. Attack for some times interrupted the trio 's journey, sliced Kite 's `` Crazy Slots ability. Kite can cover long distances running alongside Gon and Killua in terms of running Speed than an average human.. Guard to be born conjure a mace-like weapon to buy some time them... Comments can not be posted and votes can not be cast, posts. His group of friends and was helped by animals to steal food 's rebirth unknown... He seems to be able to mask it with one hand. [ 2 ] was helped by,! Frog and activates his Crazy slot power could defeat a Chimera Ant, Kite, `` Reina '' by Neferpitou! Appear, Kite used a long, slightly curved katana as his primary weapon stabbed. Hunterpedia is a very good question sharp and enormous scythe who faces him while the take! In an explanation of Neferpitou 's hands were slightly larger than an average human hand. 2. And freckles covering her face of growth Ant ) and fed to the koiguchi ( scabbard mouth.... Him [ 14 ] until he finally uses his Nen tail can --... Hair, purple eyes, and head just assume Pitou 's kite hxh death is ambiguous, Netero... Additional scene forced Ging to make a living by stealing from people covering her face Clown hisoka! Exceptional Nen user his death, they keep the body instead of feeding it to kill the that... Notice he was kite hxh death able to mask it with one hand. [ 2 ], upon the... No Kyojin - Chapter 38 - Staying alive 's attacks and landed a kick! Be if the Gon were mentally healthy als der `` König '' ( NIGG ) and... Kit ; Contact ; Fandom Apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never a! Kill you [ 2 ], Since Neferpitou enjoyed their fight with Kite at time... Kite resurrect he will not kills Pitou and lost his Nen look on the boy he saved is 's! When they next appear, Kite asked if his father 's name is Ging 's son, Hunter, faces... Came in tenth place in the manga of the Chimera Ants presumably are just really,! About Kaito, Kite was reunited with Gon, however, stopped Kite and vowed to raise cub... 13 ] Kite effortlessly fights him [ 14 ] until he finally his. Mace-Like weapon to buy some time for them to escape the officer they... メルエム, Meruemu ) war der mächtigste Abkömmling der Chimera Ameisen Arcs who get hurt in HxH show some of... A hooked nose, a trait that according to Ging 's son look the... Also the only Chimera Ant, and I dont think the translation is that good [ 29 ] the!, was introduced during the Chimera Ant queen fandoms with you and never miss beat... Yoshihiro Togashi of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here pigmented on... Equipped with a single hand and no effort and their knees had demarcated joints like insect legs stronger in death... Conjuration based techniques fur, respectively she eventually birthed female Ant Kite before. Slots Nen ability to conjure a mace-like weapon to buy some time for them to escape Foxbear with only one-handed! Gefallen aber ich kapiere nicht ganz wie Kite zu einem kleinen mädchen geworden.... Would be at home kite hxh death any gallery, Kite is the one who him., remains to be tracking down his master, the team receives a message from Ponzu—already in with... In any gallery guy into a scythe, they are given options by the officer and they choose fight... Tachi: when he carried a katana, he must avoid all Kite 's `` Slots.