Repeat bloomer. Fragrant (Floribunda) Mauve and smoky purple double blooms, with a spicy scent and old fashioned look. Floribunda. I love the smokey purple color, the intense smell, ah it's a magnificent rose! 2' 6" x 2' 6" (75cm x 75cm) Rose Colour. Disease Control; Fertilizers; Garden Decor; Gloves; Insect Control; Soil Amendments Tools; New Offerings ... * Julia Child And Ebb Tide Tree Rose #25993. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Compare this Product. Ebb Tide rose has the two outstanding features of showy, novel, mauve blooms and a delightful strong fragrance.. Qty: BUY NOW * Julia Child Rose Tree #25912. Rose ‘Ebb Tide’ grows 1.1m tall with glossy, mid green foliage. / Julia Child – Old-fashioned butter gold. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Reign over your garden with a luscious plot of royal purple Ebb Tide Floribunda Roses. It is a Modern Shrub Rose with good disease resistance. $64.95 -In Stock . Gets all the better with establishment. Ideal for growing in pots. A captivating garden focal point that keeps getting better the longer it's established. Best not to plant roses in soil where other roses have previously been planted. The blooms are very double with old-fashioned form and a spicy clove fragrance so powerful it nearly bowls you over. The shrub grows in a compact, rounded shape and is very disease resistant. Rose Bush Ebb Tide™ ... General Care Description Deadhead religiously and keep beds clean. WEKsmopur Dusky deep purple buds swirl open to very double old-fashioned flowers of velvet plum washed with a haze of sultry smoke. Tools & Rose Care. Planting and care instructions Ebb Tide’s masses of deep purple blooms are true show-stoppers. Small-medium sized fragrant flowers appear on slender stems throughout the year. For detailed rose planting instructions from rose expert Gary Mueller, click on the link below: Zones 4 – 9. As with cluster-flowered roses in general, not all of the cluster opens at the same time. Add to Wish List. They start as deep purple buds opening to a smokey plum purple. Rose ‘Ebb Tide’ – Freshly Potted Ebb Tide is a floribunda rose with an upright, neat growth habit. The dark purple buds open to deep purple, double, old-fashioned rosette blooms. 00. PRE-Order for Fall (TYK) Beautiful Rose (Plant) Fragrance, Excellent for Bouquets Flowers (Ebb Tide) The flowers 8-10 cms in size are described as velvet plum washed with a haze of sultry smoke with a petal count exceeding 35. Over 500 Rose … Every leaf has a growth bud, so removing old flower blossoms encourages the plant to make more flowers instead of using the energy to make seeds. Ebb Tide Standard rose is a fantastic Floribunda rose that produces large all over displays of stunning, deep purple buds which open to form medium-sized, double old fashioned blooms with a highly usual smokey plum colouring, velvety in appearance with a strong spicy scent. Floribunda Rose. It has a strong spicy clove fragrance. Rose (Rosa 'Ebb Tide') in the Roses Database - New and Unread Tree-Mails The guidelines include light requirements, optimal soil conditions, ideal planting depth, and Rose Care tips to include watering, pruning, end-of-season care, and more. A neat and compact variety that produces attractive, deep purple buds, the blooms open into medium sized, very double, old fashioned style flowers in deep, smoky plum colouring. Resents shade. Ebb Tide. (Plant Patent #18850) Hybridizer Tom Carruth calls the color of this rose mysterious, and so it is, with its tones of deep plum purple washed with a haze of sultry smoke. The old fashioned style flowers are a 4/5 on our Rose fragrance scale, with earthy notes of clove.