The SmartDesk 4, which will be available to the general public in November 2020, is a sit-stand desk, adjustable in height, with a design that is both elegant and refined. change_link = true; Erreur :( Nous travaillons intensément afin de résoudre cela. The app boosts productivity by optimizing the user’s work routine to incorporate blocks of work time and scheduled breaks, modeled after the popular Pomodoro method. This makes the SmartDesk 4 the optimal productivity solution for anyone working remotely. It’s an unprecedented productivity booster for anyone working from home or in a corporate office. But, as the brand proclaims, an ergonomic “high-end smart tool” package. The company has now shifted its focus to producing smart everyday tools and innovative new services for users in the form of a first-in-its-class app and mobile device integration. } Working out at regular intervals has never been easier. The MojoDesk adjustable height desk ranges from 24” to 51” to deliver comfort to users between 4’11” and 6’6” tall. for (var t=0; t