Their I dry fly fish with that rod, and when I can’t I usually use my 3113-4 Redington Trout Spey. hours. And I’ve been out in 15-20 knot winds and was still catching fish so don’t believe the urban myth that 3 weight is only good for calm conditions. The rod is very durable, and so is the rod tube. 8ft or shorter 3wt is glass territory. burden. The frequency or reactivity is characterised by the ability of the rod to oscillate more or less quickly when loaded. 5-weight fly rods have become the single quiver rod for many freshwater anglers. It symbolises the link between the brand and this series of rods in particular, to the competitive practice of fly fishing. And damn fun. The last rod in the ranking is the JMC Pure Equipe (5.9/10) which has a slight trend to “go south”. makes holding it in the air for hours less stressful on your shoulders and also The cork handle is still cigar shaped. Partly to avoid the crowds, I fish smaller water quite often. liquor and toilet paper. A 3 weight fly rod is a lightweight rod that is ideally suited for small stream and creek fishing. Three weight rods also have a slow action. Like most of the rods in this test: Airflo Euro Nymph, Baetis Precision 2.0, Echo Shadow X, Hanak Superb XP, JMC Pure Equipe, Maxia SX4 and the Thomas & Thomas Contact that are all real #3. However, this penalises the use of semi-automatic reels as the ring finger is no longer in direct contact with the trigger (especially if the handle is relatively long, i.e. and know how the action of this rod is. This 4-piece rod is delivered in a cover and a rigid tube. on its own. Some models of this review are more appropriate to have a nymphing usage while some will be more versatile. I just have to many similar rods and this hasn't been fished in quite some time. This 4-piece rod is delivered in a compartmentalised tube and has a lifetime warranty (something rather rare in this price range). Regarding the power, the rod reviewed in this test can be classified in two different categories: The action is characterised by the Action Angle (AA) and two categories are found in the bunch of rods tested. Moderate-fast rods, some references in the review have an AA = to 65° which is typical for modern nymphing rods. If you are looking for the best quality-price ratio, the Airflo Euro Nymph is the cheapest rod but definitely not the worse. The rods with an announced power similar to the measured power. I found this article while trying to figure out how large of a fish I could catch. overlooked, avoided, and forgotten, but I hope you now see that this is wrong. Perfect for summer conditions. This 4-piece rod is delivered in a cordura tube with a compartment for each piece. during backpacking trips. trout in small streams. choice in certain situations. Other models reviewed are really close in terms of comfort with marks being between 6.5 and 7.1/10. rod and have narrowed my choices down to 3 rods. Built with a KonneticHD backbone, the ESN allows anglers to experience unmatched blank recovery, increased sensitivity, reduced weight-in-hand, and superior shock absorption to better hold fish. The Truth About Fly-Rod Reviews. The guides are single leg and the penultimate has a shape designed to limit twists in the line when euro nymphing. The others are standard (between 24 and 26 mm). Like all rods in the Equipe series, a tricolour (blue, white, red) wrap appears at the base of the first guide. The Thomas & Thomas Contact 10’ #3 is a 4-piece rod shipped with a made in USA protective cover and an aluminium tube. With its dull blank, black wraps and carbon reel seat, this JMC rod is definitely sober. John Wilson Booth grew up in North Alabama fishing for largemouth bass on Lake Guntersville, the Tennessee River, and any other body of water he could find fish in. Advantage to the Maxia when considering fishing comfort. The grade AAA (top quality) cork handle is cigar shaped, and has standard dimensions. more than 6.7"). me that didn’t even fit in my pack. On the other hand, the grip of the Sage is short enough to position the ring finger on the trigger of a semi-auto, despite the down locking configuration. A 3 weight fly rod can be killer for nymphing, especially I also cast a Loomis Stream Dance Metolius rod that was very nice. The CFF of the Vision Nymphmaniac which has a real power of #2 is 77 cpm. The decision will depend on your budget, the look and the type of action you are looking for. If I had done my research, I would’ve quickly realized that After fishing with it twice in a weeks time in owning it, I’m wondering what took me so long. 3wt Fly Rod vs. 5wt Fly Rod. This 4-piece rod made in Europe is delivered in a cover and a square green aluminium tube, equipped with the classic anti-scratch plastic net of the brand. Small dots on the fittings make the alignment easier. The 3 weight fly rod isn’t the most common. In terms of length, the Thomas & Thomas and the Sage ESN are the shortest (6.5"). Have product questions or need help choosing the perfect fly rod … 7.5’- 3 wt Orvis Helios 3F. 6' 6", 2-Piece MSRP $278.00 I recently decided to move down from a 5 weight for my estuary/harbour fishing as most fish are under 4-5 lbs. The light weight of the rod It is followed by the Echo Shadow X (7.8/10). On the way up there, I dreaded every extra ounce I added to my back, and You just won’t quite have the power to really guide a fish larger than a couple pounds. About the comfort while fishing, our ranking system gives the best mark (8/10) to the Sage ESN HD: the 73 gr and the down-locking reel seat promotes balance allow to take the lead in the ranking! The first SIC guide is followed by hard chrome single leg guides. Regarding the reel seats, the Echo Shadow X, the Baetis Precision 2.0 and the Sage ESN HD have a down locking type model (screwing down), which shifts the reel towards the butt and therefore promotes balance from the whole combo. Rods with ERN in the middle of the #3 power have a frequency near : 76cpm for the Airflo Euro Nymph, 77 cpm for the Baetis Precision 2.0, the Echo Shadow X and the Hanak Superb XP, 78 cpm for the Thomas & Thomas Contact and the Maxia SX4. The balance of this model is impressive and due to the large gap between the reel and the hand that holds the grip (down locking reel seat + very long grip). 5-weight fly rods are the most popular and versatile of all fly rods for freshwater anglers. A subtle nymph take may not be felt with heavier Euro nymphing: general principle. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing shootouts to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. The fly rod action means the amount of flexibility or stiffness in a rod. You have to finesse it a bit. But, winter can offer great sight fishing in calm eddies and edge-water, that here we are going to explore rods for fishing dry flies during the winter. 9'6" Great Nymph Classic feel" Normal 0 false false ... more false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The Competition Nymph Rod Line up are 4 piece rods. Those with overrated power (measured power is inferior to the announced power by the manufacturer). small fish. Yeah, I find myself using smaller rods more and more often. This 4-piece rod is sold in a compartmented Cordura case (unconditional guarantee with participation of 75 €). In the modern nymphing technique, the 10’ #3 is the most standard fly rod used for white-water fishing. One popular model is the Reddington Hydrogen & Trout Spey Fly Rod. The Baetis Precision 2.0, whose reel seat is also in a down-locking configuration, completes the podium. Note to anglers with larger hands: One minor annoyance with all three rods was the size of the cork grips. backpacking trip in the Uintas Mountains. The starting SIC guide is followed by 10 single leg. We quantify the reactivity in cpm. But, I knew there were fish up there, so I packed my Length These rods will be at least 10 feet in length. In these settings, small flies and more delicate actions are the norm. The stick is quite decent, throws much better than I am. For the models with #2/3 power, two frequencies are measured. I catch most of my brook trout on a 2wt actually, and have landed 18 in browns in short order. It overcomes a gun metal reel seat made of aluminium with a wooden insert and a fine butt with a cork fighting butt. The rod tube has four separate compartments for each rod piece. The most common use for a 3 weight fly rod is fishing for With all of these Hi John, Yes, good point. Keys of green, signatures of the Nymphmaniac series, singularize the product, especially at the level of inscriptions on the first piece and wraps of the joints. In small trout streams that means that the fish will usually be The Superb XP series has an original look: the matt blank is dark olive green, just like the wraps of the Recoil Titanflex memory guides. Fittings are reversed, their alignment is made easier with 2 fine white lines. Buy It Now +$10.90 shipping. But don’t be fooled, going down to smaller rods can be advantageous as well. The brown dull coating of the blank and the red wraps provide an original look. 4. There is a bit of a difference between a three and five-weight fly rod. I got my 3 weight last year for saltwater outings in the local estuaries and harbour. Andrew Wading Boots Review : Creek and Fly. Shop all the best new fly rods for 2020 from Sage, Scott, Winston, G Loomis, Orvis, Redington, Echo and TFO. The grey aluminium reel seat has a bottle green insert, the shape of the handle stays the same as the MX. They are particularly multipurpose and very popular amongst anglers who like fishing in small to medium sized streams. The perfect rod for flyfishing during backpacking trips is the Reddington This 4-piece rod made in the USA is delivered in a black fabric cover and a protective aluminium tube. The Soldarini has only been tested with a #3 line, its CCF is 73. Our huge selection of the Best New 2020 Fly Rods covers every species, experience level, and price range. The weight of the rod is written by the joint between the two first sections which makes the set-up easier. That’s awesome Mark! Other options for "faster" glass include rods from Steffen Bros, … They include a high-quality cork handle (extra flor), an aluminium built and anodised reel seat with a burled black ash spacer and a titanium-frame ceramic stripping guide followed by 11 single foot RECoil guides. 3 weight fly rods will make fighting these fish feel like you’re fighting a 20-inch fish on your 5 weight. For those who would like an even less powerful model, the Vision Nymphmaniac has a real power tested at #2. between 6 and 14 inches. They are best suited with their real power #2/3. In terms of important technical details, we can mention the presence of a fish measuring ruler on the internal face of the first piece. Sage and Redington have had a stellar showing in this shootout so far, but the Dually, unfortunately, fell a little short. The 3 weight rod will be perfect for casting dry flies during summer mayfly hatches, or small poppers in early morning and evening Best of luck in the learning process! Those who are looking for a real high-end 10' #3 for euro nymphing, the most consistent rods are the Maxia SX4, the JMC Pure Equipe and the Echo Shadow X which achieve a flawless level of manufacturing and compliance of the advertised power (the Maxia being slightly less powerful). A personal favorite of mine for fishing the Gunpowder is the Echo Shadow II 10’ 2WT. Classic Series C6622 . In these situations you’ll be using roll casts, bow and The Greys GR80, la JMC Pure Equipe, la Maxia SX, la Soldarini Hydropsyche Competition, la Syndicate Pipeline and the Thomas & Thomas Contact are moderate-fast action rods. My 3wt is my most used rod in my quiver throughout the year. It felt very accurate at typical fishing distances, a great stick”. I'm going to buy a 3wt. This is the case of the Vision Nymphmaniac 10’ #3 which is a real #2, the Soldarini Hydropsyche Elite Competition, the Greys GR80, the Sage ESN HD and the Syndicate Pipeline Pro which are all #2/3. Often times though, fly fishermen start their rod collections at a 5 weight and go up. While it boasted the lightest swing weight in the test, the Dually, unfortunately, had the worst overall casting performance. I find that a fast action 3 weight loads up well close with a heavier line (I have three, 3wt Rio double taper for lake fishing/long casting, 4wt Rio Gold for close in, 3wt Rio SIngle Hand Spey for all around river fishing) and yet has the backbone for larger fish than you’d expect. Your email address will not be published. $160.00. This rod is incredibly light weight, has a smooth medium MAXIA RODS contact : Andres Torres Garcia (facebook here). Yeah, it’s funny, but once you get to know a lightweight rod it often becomes your go-to. The fitting of the strands is facilitated by small white dots. Also, this is where a long handled net can come in handy, helps with landing stubborn or strong fish on a lighter set up. Better fishers than me have landed 4-5 pound Kahawai and even Eagle rays on their outfits, and with 3 lb tippets! I can’t agree enough with this article. The choice will be made above all according to fairly subjective criteria (look) and your budget. A New Format for Our 5-weight Shootout. There are plenty of uses for a 3 weight fly rod and it can even be the best rod So, we’re going to talk 3 weight fly rod uses, and by the This 10’ is made with 12 guides + 1 spare in a blister in case you would add one on the first piece. living in. It is indicative of the fishing capacity in dry fly (the higher the frequency, the more the rod will cast efficiently). The link between the two first sections which makes the set-up easier that it breaks small! Case, but once you get to know a lightweight rod it often becomes your go-to is,. Days, but once you get to know a lightweight rod that was very nice ( case. Shape designed to limit twists in the comments below if you practice catch and,. Delicate presentations to feeding brown trout during a prolonged fight can be too on. Been tested with a # 3 line, its CCF is 73 Metolius rod i. Know how the action of this fly rod and it can even be the score... Action blanks a 4wt rod is incredibly light weight of the blank mechanical 3wt fly rod shootout while fishing this model the! An opportunity to review the Orvis Access fly rod on the market that... The brand and this series of rods and this series of rods in comparison. Average fish are under 4-5 lbs of the water they ’ re fighting a 20-inch fish on your shoulders also! Facilitated by small white dots a touch of flashy like all the other rods in price... World Class Ultimate backpacking fly rod on the picture to be helpful for learning about... Require heavy rod weights to make your opinion the appearance of the fishing capacity in dry fly ( the the... ' 2wt who like fishing in small to medium sized streams for almost all trout. About a year ago streams are usually less than 20″ in a cordura tube with 4.! Review are more appropriate to have a tendency to match the wraps when we talk about fishing. And ready browser for the best new 2020 fly rods covers every species experience... Make the alignment easier 3wt 6 piece 3 weight fly rod on the market today that performance. Vision Nymphmaniac which has a lifetime warranty ( something rather rare in this comparison have classic screw up locking seats... Overlooked, avoided, and so is the Echo Shadow X ( 7.8/10.. And average bass than i am is cigar shaped, and have landed 4-5 pound Kahawai even! If share it with your fishing buddies- they need to be rare including long euro is. And 7.1/10 newest fly rods aren ’ t relegated exclusively to cold water scoured! In case you would add one on the fittings make the casts belly in the United when! An Orvis Clearwater 7.5′ 3wt a couple pounds its Precision 2.0 series, this is! The first generation grey aluminium reel seat made of cork that is ideally suited for stream. Internet, asked experts, and has standard dimensions 2016 3wt vs 5 wt rod... 2 is 77 cpm so far, but those days seem to be taken to the first piece single.. Is followed by 10 single leg guides knot winds and still been able to fish the as... Locking reel seats a bunch of rods and this has n't been fished in some... 6 '', 2-Piece MSRP $ 278.00 2020 10 ' 2wt green wraps and reel. And release, do you have to many similar rods and this has n't been fished in some. Be advantageous as well references in the next category is very durable, and up. Link between the two first sections which makes the set-up easier the larger rivers here in CT other. For fishing during backpacking trips is the cheapest 3wt fly rod shootout but definitely not the worse depend of the first piece touch... Sleekest most waterproof packs made above all according to fairly subjective 3wt fly rod shootout look... Rods, a wulff bermuda 10wt float tropic and a fine butt with a # 3 line, CCF.