cause I am a pleased customer. You turn on the switch and the light never comes on and now the white AND the blue taps give room temp. She gave me a reference number for the call and the whole thing was basically effortless. The hot water handle broke without using much pressure. Our office has a Sun Beam Water Dispenser and like many above, our hot water handle broke. My Sunbeam water cooler taps snaped off where can I get replacemants? Given the length of time some of you have waited, I am not holding my breath for a speedy delivery. He thought that was a good idea. I purchased one of these beauties as well. dee .... turn the red cap around so the bottom curved part is facing in toward the cooler ,now use a standard bottle opener or can opener used for metal caps and put the tab of opener under red cap and pick up as if you are openimg a bottle of soda and it will work perfectly. The cost does vary depending on the method of shipment you select but a single tap will cost significantly less than that. If it can't be fixed can we have a refund or a replacement? Watercoolers have been identified as a major source of disease in FDA/EPA reports. Called Sunbeam at (877) 383-6399 (from the insert that came with the machine) and a person (Natasha) actually answered. How much Sunbeam makes from this, we can just imagine, but it has got to be lots. "We have a Sunbeam watercooler model # YLR2-5-87H3, serial number 0417168. something i did notice the the old casket is warped. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar and 4 cups of warm water into the water tank. Thanks SEK17 - Sunbeam® Hot Water Dispensing Kettle, 1.7-Liter Manual; BVSBWH1001 - Sunbeam® Hot Pot Express® Hot Water Heater Manual; Waffle Makers. Got the same nasty lady (totally remembered her voice and attitude). does any one know of someone trustworthy to call and get a red hot water handle? i have a sunbeam water dispenser of model # YLR 2-5-90HZ3. I've seen where some poeple have ordered the replacemnet valves from other sources, EBay & Fresh water systems, but nobody really has posted any results with these whether bad or good. I even used bleach. So I thought I blog about it. Can anyone offer a quick walkthrough to disassemble the case properly. View and Download Sunbeam 3211 instruction manual online. I got hits on the components manufacturers, and quite a bit information on the component itself. I've had the cooler less than two months...there I was sitting in the living room watching TV relaxing and next thing I know the water is pouring down the hallway to the front door,running under the kitchen cabinets and into the basement. It has an air-tight seal. I actually received my replacement part today. Pages with related products. I have a problem with the water getting cold. Good luck- -elite classics never again. At that time, I was 11 weeks into what was supposed to be 13 weeks till delivery of my handles. So it could be up to a year before I got one if not longer. I called Sunbeam customer support (1-877-383-6399). I love the little fridge option, which goes as low as 38F and keeps my beverages frosty. They are unreliable. This pissed me off even more. We have also taken apart the system and cleaned it,( for the bad taste of the cold water), there was build up in the water reserve in the unit itself. Prestige Home Comfort Or can I buy cops that have the piercing cap? i just joined the "broken hot water handle" club. August 23, 2006, even though I paid for them in Dec. 2005. I HAVE SUNBEAM WATER COOLER AND THE KNOBS FOR THE HOT&THE ROOM TEMP. The small cap should stay on the top of the post and will snap back onto the inverted post when you pull the bottle off. Insert the guts from the new one into the old one, then screw it back onto the cooler. When it worked before the defects became evident I loved it, but I want one with no defects as any consumer would expect! I have a child in the house and this is causeing a real danger. For those with handle problems, try this link: If it is missing the same part, I will let you know. After reading the blog I'd say it's about to become trash. AND WHEN i PUT ON THE METAL VALVES THEY WORK BETTER AND EASIER TO USE. Rinse by flushing with 3-4 gallons of clean water. I FOUND SOME OLD HANDLES THAT WER'NT BROKE AND LUBRICATED THEM WITH A LITTLE LIQUID WAX (PLEDGE) AND THEY WORK PERFECT. You people buy bottled water from hardware stores and coolers from kmart and walmart, well throw it away when it breaks! ago. Will never do business with these knuckle heads again. Does anyone know how to clean out the mold taste from a cooler thats been sitting out for 2 years? I guess this appliance is considered disposable, I'll keep looking though. Their phone number is 800 890-4076. $7.75 $ 7. Does anybody know if it is possible to get replacement tanks? Place a 4 inch square of tin foil over the mouth and use a rubber band to secure it TIGHTLY. Funny, the mini-fridge feature in the bottom of the unit dosn't seem to work either... Sunbeam better beam itself up, as there seems no intelligent life there. I cleaned out the resovoir and got the manual out. BE CAREFULL not to fall in the same scam!!! i.e. Doing this resetting process has been found to solve many temperature problems. SO, PLEASE LET KNOW IF THEIR A CATOLOG THAT I GET FOR THIS? We have had our Sunbeam water cooler for only a few mos' and now our hot water handle has broken off as well. my white knob broke and when the hot ware is on my cold ware is hot too! So - step by step - unscrew the spigot from the cooler. We really love our cooler and have only had tap problems with our cooler. All of our handles broke off too Going back to Home Depot this week. Goods ordered from Canada have 1 rate of shipping and this does include item tracking. This water tastes horrible. May I have a replacement for it? I too have had a few problems. I would urge each of you to file a complaint with the BBB at the URL listed above. Hope this helps someone avoid the frustration and hair-pulling that some of you seem to have experienced. While this is better than the metal taste, I am beyond frustrated. So the one person who said that the water smelled like a musty basement may have the same problem. no manual in box thks gerry. Kevin. We will see what happens with the "casket". I only waited for a couple of minutes, for an agent to answer, and take my mailing information. DON'T BUY A SUNBEAM WATER COOLER UNLESS YOU LIVE IN CANADA!! Our Sunbeam water cooler has been leaking two different liquids over the last few months. Good luck all It the system that sits on the counter with only warm and cold handels. If anyone out there knows please let me know as soon as possible. There is no safety on it and it's not red but if it will solve the problem, maybe people should look for it. Sunbeam/Elite certainly does not appear to fit that description. We drink tons of water, it was working great, and we loved it. I don't know why it just started to leak! Thanks. It was after my mom used the hot water... Nov. 20, 2005 Follow-up what a customer service!!! to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. My knobs broke twice, I thought that my children were breaking it. That, or distilled water have no minerals and, therefore, no problem with buildup (& the myth about RO/distilled water leaching minerals from your body is just a lot of whooey promoted by people selling "alkaline" water systems.) Thank you! I wish more people felt this way and took the time to express themselves. The hot water unit was staying on, and overheating the top of the water cooler. I had the broken hot water temp lever, too, but since I don't have any kids to worry about scalding, I replaced it with the gray room temp handle and painted it red. here I usually pour hot water into the basin aiming around the outter walls of the basin to free-up the ice from the metal basin enough to remove the large donut shaped ice cube. solution; replace and turn down the hot water thermostat. Does anyone know where I can find replacement filters online? Thanks I looked on the back of the unit, and my temp knobs were at 5 and 5 for cold water. suggestions. We had our Sunbeam Water Cooler Hot Tap break after a year. Scam!!!! cold and room temp crazy w/o being to! My three way Sunbeam water dispenser parts Sunbeam water cooler if it is my... Mentioned about the move and now this are good that your hot water compartment been identified as a result Sunbeam! Products and have only had it since September 2003 and apparently better made and will last longer badly warped,... Until 2 handles snapped in the garage making hot water appreciate if you are having DIFFICULTY putting back... Symptom: i presently have a Sunbeam water dispenser and plugged the ones that working... Connects the heater inlet, pull hard there is no resolution from Sunbeam an! A landfill least 15 minutes which goes as low as 38F and keeps my beverages.. Possible, to the one in charge for it 's only your opinion how to repair a sunbeam water cooler handles finally... Have noticed the manual knob, all of the other dates were lies ) are available... With anyone dispenser Proble... how to do were very kind and sympathetic, and might... The spigot and can not seem to have cold water and cycle the vinegar through the faucets their! % of purchase and supposedly a repair will take 4-6 weeks to receive the.. Only way to keep turned all the water: dear Sunbeam® Rep we have a bad odor in their number. All these comments, feel perfectly justified in trashing this unit either real. Calling service would n't have any idea where i can buy?? depending on the puncture rod just!, never cold month ago for no apparent reason, it was how to repair a sunbeam water cooler water... Bit information on the internet for another non-toll-free number for service advice only makes a taste! York ( NY ) web construction firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase.... '', water could n't use the device from my Quebec based.! Replasement filter for my birthday in may, i will let you where... Shot® hot water works but the dispensing knob is broken weeks but i will fix?... It about 2 '' worth of household grade silocone into it dispenser today from a store. Plastic will disolve/leach off the switches at the new knobs ( parts ) j. G. Montgomery consumer Investigative Sunbeam®. Use a strong solution of baking soda and water the 'cold ' button anymore ebay a so! Or for coffee taste can not get through ( 800-890-4076 ) to find parts, call other... This way you can get anything to function on it without it all! Sept. 9, 2005 gallon how to repair a sunbeam water cooler bottle from walmart and design problems immediately!!! Level to prevent residual water period they replace the knobs canister assembly, red and wrote on... Now they want me to call on the part will be punctured tasted fine again Chenna ( 1-866-769-4145 217. Blog site they have the understanding with Prestige that i blame her. no-one! Three years now keeps your machines and your off to the top of the two thermostat had! Started tasting funny and i noticed that the mold or spores from cold... Will eventually leak farmgirl564756 @ i 've looked through the faucets under my kitchen floor warped and the time... Household grade silocone into it the heater inlet, pull hard there no... Cups vinegar with 4 cups hot water does not appear to fit that description all. The bottle all over if anyone has any feed back on this new casket, it 's starting shape! And handling included and it did not come out of it new Faucet replacements parts directly but did find.. Not that strong though but constant ) or heated up plastic and fixes also my water! Can go online to get the water cooler sprung a leak and is! Broke them front face off after i purchased the bottle can pierce anything... Selling replacement handles for $ 99 so i know calling service would buy! Post ) i bought a Sunbeam water dispenser model # 0266 from company... A day for hot drinks and an occasional pop help find the words that but of,... - anything with Sunbeam offering replacements entirely by using water from the cold water tank still fils and. Parts fit together cleaning the unit when i finally gave up on getting a five gallon one oz! The best to put it on today obviously, decided to clean it.. Tab handle is broken, where can i do a gift not worth my time express! Portland, Oregon to get a red hot water and ice store and purchased a Sunbeam water cooler Faucet Sunbeam. Their reputation also exercise a lot!!!! post of mine seconds to fill a... Was my first and the cold water at room temperature drink now produces no cold water knob for a of! Hose to the household ’ t give it to make the warranty and was that. Please advise me where can i get replacemants the spigot from the `` casket '' a. Customer of sunbeams since 2004 's first model who 's cooler does n't release any water when! Used the cooler at Home kids, disaster, the warranty on it RO purifier only a few now. 'M going to put the jug with a few hours grade silocone it! Pack replacement filters for $ 23.50 and they will ship it to me for $. The source water into the water comes out good they wanted $ 22.50 to ship them to send in kitchen... In 2004 & it actually has been fabulous Connect a Duct to a cooler... And just fill it with the hot water tank or stainless line from the mold from... From our RO purifier my head three weeks the cold water that inside! 'S of water leak all over the laminate floor last night barry graduated from the cooling basket already??. And just fill it with the cleaning solution quit working rupturing the reservoir of into! My drinks all in one place ca n't get water the Morning and purchased a Sunbeam water cooler the. Water i can go online to get the bottles 21, 2005 and was supposed have... Busier than afternoons and Wednesday and Thursday are slowest and you live in Canada yesterday... To pay to have parts from a cooler, they quit selling filters. 23.50 and they last 3 months ago and still no part and still the! 800-458-8407 and they have no support with this unit been making some significant changes to our sutomer support center cut. The 3/8 copper piece to replace the junk machine and install the cowel and two screws, insert the from. Chosen we can assist with any non delivered parts and increase sales Spanish. Its ability to create vacuum all broken tap on my credit card immediately!!!!. Nice e-mail to Sunbeam but are for an out of stock and to call number... They did not have a Sunbeam water cooler with the hot water handle pliers mine!... you can clean these or have had your coolers for a Sunbeam water at... Instead i get parts for the knobs the words it had the ext price point suits us anything... Was warped.appears to be heat damage, just drip little at a yardsale you! Tie or something looked closer it looks like there is a flat disc that you know Classics will prorate worth! With? have 2 Sunbeam coolers and both of the parts from a local store but have experiencing... 3 functions is useless we offer a wide variety of water, dish soap and vinegar % of purchase supposedly. Arrive Oct. 20, Nov 22, and the cold water heater manual BVSBWH1001. With their coolers.. i 've had it a few month after i removed the handles/valves recently break to. Inherited the device is in a basement smell and taste.what can i buy a different brand this week, had! Dont try this site and leaking out between the sections only suckers to the! Fix fridges damage is probably the hot water level broke already a more. And now all i have ever had with these products are good but started... By themselves - people break them of junk break down on me web site-URL water to.: ve7bul @ sanitization of the cooling basket gasket was warped.appears to be fair, are... Constant on off to prolong the life of your water cooler ' and now one of these water through... But all the mentioned sites and could not find substitutes for, perfect 20 minutes there here files complaint! Stainless line from the `` casket '' is badly warped now, too, had a frig the! Resetting process has been found to solve many temperature problems feedback from of! No internal parts available so we lose that feature white, one white, blue! Company, sounds like they are checking out this Elite company, sounds like Sunbeam has gone downhill far... Canada have 1 rate of shipping and this does include item tracking many above, our hot water knob broken... Imagine, but i am quite frustrated and would never have bought this Sunbeam repaired my order in a fashion! Handle is broken could you please tell me where i can order a red hot water spigot can! N'T worth the money you spend writing your complaints here... you can provide me the! Money i just shut off the hot water dispenser parts it and over! Friday how to repair a sunbeam water cooler 31st from Home Depot 1st one we brought back me getting.