or "Move ahead 3 spaces!" Integrating media production in your curriculum can help you find new access to students and help them find new access to the material. For every objective, you should have three kinds of activities or parts of your lesson plan: Presentation - The first part of your lesson plan is presentation. If you’re looking for ESL getting to know you games for the First Day of Class, you’ve come to the right place.I’ll give my top 10 first day ESL activities so you can get your semester started off on the right foot.. By the right foot, I mean the awesome way-students and teacher start getting to know each in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Have the students tell the artist how to draw the picture using on, next to, between etc. Research shows that students whose teachers spend too much time talking are less likely to be engaged during classroom instruction. There are many activities that you can do with your students to help them increase their knowledge of speech sounds and their relationship to letters. Lesson Objective: Students will recognize and use the present continuous tense. Giving map directions – students have to give and follow directions on a map to see where they end up. For instance, "Her eyes are blue." The PPP Teaching framework consist of four main stages: Warm-up, Presentation, Practice and Production and is used to teach speaking and writing lessons. Students stand up and talk to others. to complete the chart. Thanking for the Compliment. Will do these with my 5th grade student. Of course I added fun "Go back 2 spaces!" Setting Up Your ESL Writing Activity. With the subject pronoun and the image on the square on the board, she must create a complete sentence using the Possessive Adjectives we practiced in the lesson. Some activities to help students practice new vocabulary could include: Practice is a vital part of learning new elements of a language. A board race, scavenger hunts, spin the wheel, and the jigsaw is among other commonly chosen fun classroom activities to let students enjoy the beautiful feeling of learning with fun. A quick review of Past Continuous tense will be helpful before you jump into any activities. This is surely one of those speaking activities that students will have fun doing! Students must ask and answer basic questions like, "What's your name?" Production. Then, show the class the picture and don't let the artist see it. Write that word, such as teacher, lake or factory, on the board. Learning through playing games can help to consolidate a student’s knowledge. Developing a unit on production and product planning is a great place to start embedding marketing activities for students. Chalkface resources for Design & Technology include D&T lesson plans, D&T; Technology worksheets and online resources. What I love most is that your activities provide an opportunity to contrast Past Simple and Past Continuous. Questions are the simplest form of interactive teaching tool, particularly in large classes, and are useful in any discipline. In addition, there are a couple of activities which are suitable for higher level students such as one on explaining processes. When assigning students the work for this activity, encourage each student to bring in relevant pictures of ingredients used. After this lesson, students will be able to: 1. describe the resources used for production 2. demonstrate understanding of key concepts related to production This is the fun part. The good news is that there are many activities that will enable you to spend less time talking and more time getting your students engaged during reading instruction. LISTENING EXERCISE (SONG PUZZLE) Level: Medium to Difficult I really like this activity because it is easy and fun. They must talk, using the target language of the lesson, to get and give information. 1   2   3  4  5. To properly prepare your students for the production activity, make sure your dialogue mirrors the activity, and the practice activities are well-scaffolded and prepare the students to perform the production successfully. Student A:  "In my picture, the boy is riding a bike. Take note of their errors and give them tips on how to improve! Planning to use interactive classroom activities intentionally can really transform the learning dynamic. With these three objectives in mind, you can now come up with activities to achieve them. Nowadays, most employers look at co curricular activities and achievements written on CVs of jobseekers. ", Student B:  "Oh, in my picture there is one backpack!". For instance, if I am teaching a lesson on physical description words to a class of beginners, I can have them describe their family members or celebrities in the production. Giving students a few questions like this to discuss can be intellectually stimulating and produce a good mix of the second conditional and other language. From these experiences, Merlo and Semma now share some interactive classroom activities for students and for teachers that can turn a quiet classroom full of people unwilling to speak up to a hive of debate, making the student learning experience more collaborative for everyone. Learning and understanding English language pronunciation is essential for ESL students. Practice differentiating voiced and unvoiced speech sounds with your students. It can also be designed to fit in with the topics of the book (e.g. Presentation, practice and production (PPP) A deductive approach often fits into a lesson structure known as PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production). The pairs discuss ten predictions using useful language from a box on their worksheet. and " How old are you?" Discussion questions are not only for skills-based lessons; they can be incorporated into PPP lessons that focus on specific vocabulary or grammar concepts as well. Pronunciation exercises need to be repeated and recycled. International TEFL Academy Costa Rica offers an accredited 4-week in-class TEFL course in Costa Rica as well as an 11-week accredited online TEFL course. Student A: "In my picture there are two backpacks. This can be completed in class, assigned as homework, or used for distance learning. Disappearing text Put a text on the board including examples of the meanings of articles that you have presented or are going to present, and have one student or team of students read it out loud. Regardless of which production activity you choose for your lesson plan, make sure you get the students talking! Language practice activities come in many forms, and their design should take into account learning aims, the most important being language production. The students are showing me that they understand the grammar, how to properly add the verb "to be," and are allowed to creatively finish the sentence. Celce-Murcia. Download our free Design & Technology worksheets to check if any particular pack is right for you. The other student will act as a customer. 15. After a lesson on work-related vocabulary like minimum wage, labor unions and overtime, the teacher can assign each student to one of two teams. If you are stumped on ideas for productions or looking for something new to incorporate into your lessons, consider one of these production activities. Everything you need to know about getting TEFL certified, When teaching grammar or vocabulary to our ESL students, we should be creating and implementing lessons that allow the students to see the concept being used in a real-life context. They allow students to focus on the language that they want to learn, they’re motivating and help students learn how to work in pairs or groups. Acting in film is somewhat different from that in stage performances, but often uses overlapping or similar skill sets. Find a simple picture in a magazine or newspaper, or draw one yourself on a large 11 x 17 piece of paper. The teacher should create a list of x things related to a topic and ask the students to work individually to rank them in value or importance. Another language classroom class, surveys are great for getting students talking about their personal opinions and can incorporate a specific vocabulary or grammar concept. Here are six activities to get started. The difference between the practice and production stages can be minimal, depending on the English level. Collaborative tasks 4. A tried-and-true speaking activity for any classroom, a debate is a great way to get your students speaking in the target language and can include a specific grammar concept or set of vocabulary words. Provide the vocabulary beforehand that students need in speaking activities. Matching the beginnings and the ends of words together. Activities for ESL/EFL Students (English Study) Free Online English Learning: Study English with Quizzes, Tests, Crossword Puzzles, Exercises and other activities for students of English as a second language. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Straight forward, fun activities. Required fields are marked *. environmental moral dilemmas) or with their job or studies (e.g. Shuffle these and put them face down next to the board. Gap fill exercises: Selecting appropriate words to insert in sentences. The customer wants to take a trip to Australia for two weeks and asks for help from the agent about the travel route, airplane tickets, hotel rooms, places of interest, etc. Activities for Large Classes . Learn how your comment data is processed. A good way to get your students to use vocabulary or grammar taught in the lesson in a fun and interesting way is through a ranking. They can add more detail if they like. These activities make students more active in the learning process and at the same time make their learning more meaningful and fun for them. These are just a few among the many popular fun classroom activities for students. In this lesson, students identify and sort plant parts through hands-on activities and group discussions and then work with magnifying lenses and tape measures to document their observations. Games keep the memory stimulated in a fun way and the words become embedded in the students’ mind much more easily than if words are listed and simply repeated by drilling. Planning time has been shown to increase production in speaking tasks. The ‘production’ stage is where the language is used in a more open way. Then the class should come back together to discuss. Someone who gets caught pickpocketing should go to jail. 1. (Most ESL texts and picture dictionaries have at least some suitable pictur… In the final stage of the lesson, which is known as the production, the students are asked to use the language they have just practiced in a more open-ended and creative structure. Here you can find a wide range of short activities to use in your secondary classroom. The activities and resources include methods for reducing waste and trash, information about product consumption, recycling tips, facts about pollution and its effects on the environment, global warming statistics, worksheets on different ecosystems, and plenty of projects for students to complete inside and outside the classroom. Students can explore the production, ... writing activity is suitable for students from Foundation Year to Year 6/7 and can build upon quite a few of the other activities on this list. Past Continuous Accusations. 11 Active Learning Activities for your Business Class Published on February 25, 2015 February 25, 2015 • 221 Likes • 54 Comments If you are stumped on ideas for productions or looking for something new to incorporate into your lessons, consider one of these production activities. In this activity, the teacher needs to create a crossword puzzle and complete half of it for Student A and the other half of the puzzle for Student B. Continue the story: the class have to finish a story the teacher begins, either written or spoken. They will make oral & written statements like “he’s reading” with few or no errors (excluding spelling). The student asking will then take a card from the draw pile in the middle of the table. The objective is for each student to describe the words they have to his or her partner in order for both of them to have a completed puzzle at the end of the activity. I also have prepared a set of cards that have images that represent each of the subject pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, we, and they). Your scaffolding is good because students can do what you want them to do. So it’s good to have an arsenal of teaching materials to keep students engaged and help them progressively improve their speaking clarity and fluency. For a simple activity where the students can better classify factors of production terms, ask students to draw a chart on a piece of paper. Students will say English is music to my ears! The materials cover ‘will’ for predictions, spontaneous decisions, offers and promises, ‘be going to’ for future plans, intentions and predictions, and … – Comic Strip: Students write sentences based on a series of visuals in a … Descriptions (home, family members, friends, Short biography of self, family member or famous person. Extra curricular activities for students help bridge this gap between education and innate skills. § Student speaks in phrases and short sentences § BICS development § English Vocabulary -7,000 receptive words (10% is expressive) Characteristics § 3 to 4 years of English § Student … Check out my top picks for ESL games for teens that can help to create a positive language learning environment.. Fun ESL Activities for Teenagers: Top 30 Media production engages and excites; it leads to unexpected discoveries, increased self-awareness and esteem, sharpened critical thinking, analytical skills, group work skills, and ability to communicate ideas. With a partner, they have to discuss their reasoning in putting them in this order and be prepared to explain to the class. Media production engages and excites; it leads to unexpected discoveries, increased self-awareness and esteem, sharpened critical thinking, analytical skills, group work skills, and ability to communicate ideas. Students are working at this stage in pairs or small groups to use the language that was taught and practiced in order to produce the language either in a spoken or written manner and is generally task-based. The teacher’s role at this point is to manage time, make sure students are on task, offer feedback if requested, and keep a written record of students’ errors. Discussion activities The focus of this stage is using the language as fluently and naturally as possible, as students would do outside of the classroom. Students that participate in more than one extracurricular activity also excel at studies and develop good personalities. OR "The customer must order a drink, a meal and a dessert." Activities that get your ELL students doing things put language into context and simulate real-life experience. ", Student A:  "Ok, this is your brother's son. If you like to perform in theater, you may well enjoy acting in a film production. – Visual(s): Students write about a visual or visuals. Directing What are the Recommended Methods & Approaches for teaching English as a Foreign Language? Student A:  "Can you please explain 8 down to me? Discussions and debates, centred around a set topic or interest of the group. Again, the teacher facilities the conversation and writes down errors. For instance, my lesson is on school supplies, so I can create two pictures that have a number of the items from my vocabulary list but with a few subtle differences. Linguistic activities for young children can be particularly interesting if the children are of diverse cultures. Production and Manufacturing Terms. The possibilities are endless, but one example with beginning level students is exchanging basic information about an assigned celebrity. The language they have learned in English, at this point, is still very limited in vocabulary and grammatical structures. One of our favorite card games is Go Fish. The teacher will generally group the students in pairs or groups of three, and each student has information that the other needs. Want more ideas on how to plan effective lessons for your English students? His son!". The students should try to keep the conversation lively. Communication tasks 3. 6 Interactive Classroom Activities for College Students. Students are taught grammar inductively. by Terry Heick. Literacy is changing–not at its core necessarily, but certainly at its edges as it expands to include new kinds of ‘reading.’ Digital media is quickly replacing traditional media forms as those most accessible to most 21st century learners. In many ways, these kinds of activities have a huge advantage over more traditional PPP (presentation, production, practice). Materials needed: 1. large pictures(and/or multiple copies of a picture like Side by Side 1,3rd ed. Some of the activities are specifically designed for young learners, and most are suitable for kids, teenagers and adults. Like Student A/Student B crossword puzzles, there are many ways to get the students to work together to exchanging information. They allow students to focus on the language that they want to learn, they’re motivating and help students learn how to work in pairs or groups. Your email address will not be published. – Information Gap: There are two pictures with different info on them; students write sentences about the differences of the two pictures. We deal four cards to each student and explain that they are trying to find two of the same card and will take turns asking classmates. 50 Challenging Activities To Promote Digital Media Literacy In Students. For more writing opportunities in high school, check out Creative Writing Opportunities for High School Students. There are games and activities that are fun and meaningful. Taking part in question and answer sessions with a partner, Affixation: Using prefixes and suffixes to make new words, Creating a class story with each student adding a new sentence, Obeying instructions, e.g. For example, if your student introduces falafel, you can write out vocabulary such as chickpeas, cumin, parsley and tahini. There is no shortage of great activities for practicing Past Continuous tense, but it may take some time and review to solidify the point with learners.Here are three great activities to practice Past Continuous tense to get your wheels turning.. Review the Grammar. For all students, especially lower-level ESL students, make sure instructions and expectations are clear. We love using Student A/Student B crossword puzzles for vocabulary lessons, however, you can use them in grammar lessons also! Typically students will work in pairs for this activity and each student will have a picture, each picture is slightly different. Your activities encourage peer to peer interaction. Articulation Carryover Activities For Older Speech Students February 24, 2017 Leave a Comment Older speech students have been in therapy for years…we need to prepare them for life without it. In honor of Engineers Week, February 21-27, we present a variety of hands-on engineering-related activities and lesson plans for your classroom.With these activities, you will help your students grasp engineering principles and their applications in the real world, … Board games can be utilized in all levels of ESL classes, but they are particularly good production activities for both vocabulary and grammar lessons for the beginning levels. What is language production practice? Afterwards, students complete two matching activities to practice the functions of will. I need 10 across please! Want more ideas on how to plan effective lessons for your English students? Not yet having the vocabulary to talk freely or even describe objects, students are still speaking in full sentences and are identifying vocabulary words from the lesson. Circulate around classroom to ensure that students are on the right track and see whether they need your help while they work in groups or pairs. Presentation, Practice, Production. The activities help students learn how to distinguish between the three future forms: will, be going to and the present continuous. How Do I Plan Lessons for my English Students? Four different tasks are included. Normally, ESL writing activities will be carried out in the production stage of your presentation, practice and production (PPP) lesson plan. Ask each student to think of an item or a word. Linguistic activities for young children can be particularly interesting if the children are of diverse cultures. Finally, the production part of the lesson. ", Student B:  "In my picture the boy is riding a bike too, but the girl is playing basketball. Great for both vocabulary and grammar lessons, Find the Difference activities require the students to describe pictures using the vocabulary or grammar used in the lesson. Other activities for more organised practice: During the practice and production stage within a PPP lesson, students need to produce their new vocabulary so teachers can ensure they can use it properly. Kids' Vid: Video Production for Students. Involve speaking activities not only in class but also out of class; contact parents and other people who can help. The possibilities are pretty endless here, but make sure you students have enough vocabulary to defend and explain their choices! B2 LESSON 15 | Film References. This is where students get to practice the new words and phrases they have learned in the lesson and produce them in new contexts. As teachers, we can bring in props or realia and make this a really fun experience for our students! Take note of their errors and give them tips on how to improve! The teacher can create cards with a picture and basic information about celebrities as well as table like the following for students to fill out as they exchanging information. The production stage of the lesson allows for the proper assessment of student development, where the teacher can discover just how much the students have learned. Ideas for activities for the production stage of an EFL lesson: Other activities for production (for writing exercises in particular): Exercises for EFL writing practice include: Explore more about presenting new vocabulary. If the student being asked does not have the item, he or she will say "Go fish!" This can be done with grammar concepts like Present Continuous as well. "Where are you from?" Without looking at each other's pictures, students have to describe their pictures or ask questions to find X number of differences. However, discussion questions are not appropriate for the lower level ESL classes, as students are not yet comfortable expressing their free thoughts. For instance, if I created a lesson on Phrasal Verbs focused on a dating and relationship topic, I could use questions like the following in my production. 4Teacher Tools QuizStar RubiStar Arcademic Skill Builder PersuadeStar Classroom Architect Equity TrackStar Assign-A-Day Casa Notes PBL Checklists Teacher Tacklebox Web Worksheet Wizard NoteStar Think Tank Project Poster KidsVid The PPP Teaching Framework is a model to describe the typical stages of language teaching lesson. However, remember that practice activities should be guided and generally have a correct answer. Surveys and questionnaires – students prepare questions on various topics and then conduct surveys by interviewing each other. In addition, there are a couple of activities which are suitable for higher level students such as one on explaining processes. The teacher can have the groups work through a set of statements before coming back together as a class to debate the issues. In many ways, these kinds of activities have a huge advantage over more traditional PPP (presentation, production, practice). There is a variation when we use this framework to teach listening and reading skills when we use pre-while and post First, ask students to read the excerpts and tick the stories they already know about. After the students see the concept being used, we teach the rules and give the students ample guided practice. With this aim, various speaking activities such as those listed above can contribute a great deal to students in developing basic interactive skills necessary for life. Even though students at these levels don't yet have the language to have open-ended conversations, they are creative and should be talking in complete sentences! The teacher presents the target language and then gives students the opportunity to practise it through very controlled activities.