Not only will this Hotel Collection Reed Diffuser Gift Set look great in your home, it will also add gorgeous scents which are sure to relax and soothe. This means the effect from the scent is long-lasting and the people in the room can sense it for a long time. Every business owner should get advantage of scent marketing and make their business more profitable. The exact period of time an essential oil bottle will last depends mainly on the specific settings you choose. Aroma diffusion systems are one of the most effective ways to bring scent into your business or home building. Subscribe for email and SMS alerts for 20% off your order, exclusive deals & more. Pleasant fragrances are something more than this. You can choose from different types of scents and choose to use them during different times of the day. Baobab Collection. P&P: + £2.64 P&P . When they are of natural origin, they positively influence the mood and increase productivity. Neither Hotel Collection® nor its scenting products are endorsed by or affiliated by the brands mentioned and are used for comparative purposes only. One of the biggest advantages of aroma diffusion systems is the fact that they can be used at a variety of places. £50.00. Yes, The Magic Scent offers you a product return option, if you are not satisfied with your purchase. With The Magic Scent’s Hotel scent collection you can mesmerize your hotel guests with a variety of great fragrances. Quick View Linea Advent Dinner Candle. Subscribe for email and SMS alerts for 20% off your order, exclusive deals & more. M, Transform your home into a luxurious resort with o, The Magic Scent wishes you a Merry Christmas! ... Hotel Collection Hotel 4 Wick Candle. When the notes Cardamom, geranium and rose are released into the air, they leave pepper, violet and bergamot notes. Indulge your senses and sensibilities. A lemon top note defines the first odor of the fragrance. If you want to return a diffuser you purchased from The Magic Scent, the diffuser must be in a “like-new” condition and has its original packaging. The scent collections include Home collection, Office & Bank Collection, Hotel Collection, Private Collection, Retail Collection, Sport Collection, Retail Collection, Spa Collection. Customers of The Magic Scent have also the option to exchange their product for another one which can be either similar to the product they are returning. Escape to your favorite destination with the Hotel Collection Reed Diffusers. Reeds within the oil diffusers soak up the beautifully scented oils within each contemporarily designed bottle and release the fragrance into the room for a long-lasting aroma. $26.50 $ 26. This diffuser definitely gets noticed when you walk into the room/house. from House Of Fraser. 2020. Patchouli, rich woods - cedar and sandalwood add depth. Voluspa Maison Diffuser Collection - Prosecco Bellini 6oz (177g) £23.51. £12.75 ... Voluspa Reed Diffuser Oil - Baltic Amber 3.4oz (100ml) £17.63. The relaxing effect of Heaven is created mainly by the rosewood oil. If you want to make your customers remember your band name, one of the best ways to do this is to impress them with a wonderful scent. Exotic sandalwood and sweet vanilla start the pulse racing while musky amber sets the mood. Bergamot and lemon which are slightly hinted in this cocktail of scents, round up its pleasant fragrance. One of the main reasons why you should choose the collections by The Magic Scentis that they offer high quality. This scent would be ideal in lobbies leading to gallery and arcade hotel shops featuring men’s apparel and accessories. The Fig Noir fragrance diffuser is divine, it reminds me of luxury hotel lobbies, kind of musky. Inspired by high-end hotels around the world, each one offers the perfect touch of luxury to enhance your space. Lemon, bergamot and white tea leaves are slightly hinted and make the scent delightful. This item Aldi Luxury Hotel Collection Reed Diffuser No 24 Rose Noir Just Rose Oil Reed Diffuser Refill Larger Size 250ml - Tenacious Fresh Floral Accord of Dewy Rose Scent Rose Reed Diffuser Set, Binca Vidou Scented Oil Diffuser with Rattan Sticks for Bedroom Bathroom Office … . $40.00 ... From fine violet to smooth Tuscan leather and sensual amber, find every piece of yourself in this reed diffuser. With the power of scent you can connect with your customers on a deeper emotional level. The natural origin of the oils guarantees that their essence is well-preserved and they offer a scent of the highest quality. You can exchange any essential oil you want for another type of essential oil at an equal or lesser price. Pleasant fragrances have really the ability to make a positive impression upon customers and guarantee their enjoyable stay at your business building. Cold air diffusion systems are the most advanced technology that exists in the aroma industry. £25.00. No. Top Note - Nutmeg, Lemon, RoseMiddle Note - Clove, Sandalwood, Patchouli Base Note - Vanilla, Amber, Musk. When the return is approved, a refund to your credit card will be made or via the original method of payment.After a certain number of days depending on your bank policy, you will get a refund. There are many reasons why you should incorporate aromas into your modern banding strategy. 30% OFF s, • Whitewood, Cinnamon, Musk, Mint - focus. Inspired by: Hotel Costes®, Paris. House of Fraser does a linea hotel collection range of candles and diffusers. 2, Oud: A sensual oriental with a sweet balsamic, woody back note combines with a rich floralcy of rose and carnation. White tea rhyme gives the scent its calming and refreshing effect. The long-lasting aroma effect aroma diffusers offer is achieved by the nanotechnology they apply. £20.00 As low as: £10.00 . These scent particles form a fine mist that stays in the air instead of falling down. They are completely safe for your kids or pets. And that is why we tend to link scents to certain places. $3.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $3.00 with coupon. Evocative of the world’s most romantic city, this warm and spicy scent will spark your sultry side. Because it creates a deep sense of tranquility and relaxation, this type of scent is used for meditation and enlightenment therapy. The scent collections include Home collection, Office & Bank Collection, Hotel Collection, Private Collection, Retail Collection, Sport Collection, Retail Collection, Spa Collection.