Spell. Add to cart. Hager are a newer brand, and they produce a smaller selection of products. Write. Home > Consumer Units and Distribution Boards > Wylex Domestic Consumer Unit. For everyone else, save yourself some pain and pay the extra for an alternative. If earth leakage is detected, the RCD will trip before the level of leakage becomes dangerous. A look inside a typical dual RCD consumer unit as used in the UK. Such units are available in all sizes from 5 way up to 40 way. The older fuse wires are being replaced gradually by their modern equivalent, the MCB or … ABB 4 Way Metal Consumer Unit, 100A, IP30 Description: Steel enclosure to BS EN 60439-3Colour RAL 7035Supplied factory fitted with switch disconnectors Complete with shrouded busbar, terminal bars and installation instructions Hinged padlockable door (Padlock not supplied). 1 x 4 Way Metal Consumer Unit with 100 Amp Mains Isolator Switch Installed. Your Electrics has a large stock of different types of Wylex consumer units, from 17th edition to small main switch consumer units. in your basket Checkout Now. Wide variety of goods; consumer sovereignty Lewden QFS-MX20M 19+1 Way Metal Consumer Unit With 100A Main Switch Incomer 18th Edition consumer unit compliant to BS7671:2018 Fully compliant with the new 18th edition wiring regulations. Domestic shower unit with a modern, stylish design and a smooth, curved profile. You’ll also need to test the RCD every month to make sure it’s working perfectly. This enclosure comes with a 40A 30mA RCD (max power 9600W / 9.6kW) plus a 32A (max power 7680W 7.68kW) and a 6A (max power 1440W / 1.44kW) breaker so these are your limits with the existing devices, if you have a higher power consumption in mind then yes you would need to swap out the devices for higher rated ones. Also features 20mm and 32mm knockouts on all sides. Each. BS 61439-3. 1: If you need to ask, you should not be doing. This is only likely if you have a larger external unit that consumes a lot of energy, but it’s worth keeping in mind. BS 7671 IET Amendment 3. Amendment 3 Consumer Unit: BS EN 61439-3. The knock-outs if I can call them that are more like smash outs and are lacking especially for side entry! Here’s a quick overview to cover the basics needed by the average homeowner. However, they are more specialised in that they control specific sections of your home. You may also find that a MCB has been tripped. * Add to Cart . Wylex 10 Way Hi-integrity Unit - 2 x 80A 30mA RCDs 1 x 100A Main Switch (6) £50. VAT £82.50. One sure-fire way to know whether you need to upgrade is to check whether you have rewireable fuses – if so, you need a new unit. RCDs will trip automatically, turning off the electricity for all circuits they control. * Add to Cart. Trade price* £128.66 /prt. These 8 way consumer unit are crucial for commercial power distribution. Thanks. Armed with the information provided above, you’ll now be able to diagnose the problem and probably sort it out by yourself without needing to call on the services of a professional. Three-phase neutral board. £22.50 . The electricity will flow through an unintended path – namely your body. 40 Amp to 80 Amp Contactors. Most other consumer unit manufacturers follow that layout, although it isn’t written in stone. BS 61439-3. Wylex NM1906L 19 Way Metal Consumer Unit c/w 100A Main Switch The Wylex NM1906L all metal consumer unit is fully compliant with Amendment 3 to BS... more info £55.50 Write Review Set Descending Direction. You can simply reset the switch to get things back to normal. Each. Taken together, these two cables are referred to as ‘tails’; their size will vary, which is just one reason why it should be considered so important for consumer units to be fitted by professional electricians. You should always pay more than the _____. The live and neutral wires come into the main double pole switch from your electricity meter. British General 5-Module 1-Way Populated Shower… (1336J). Metal _5 to 8 Way. For example, you may have an individual circuit breaker covering ‘spare bathroom’, ‘downstairs toilet’, and ‘garage’, so your consumer unit will contain quite a number of individual circuits. 99 £21.99 £21.99 Then contact us at Electrium or email us. Timers allow you to turn off certain circuits at set intervals. RCBOs ... 1st for Consumer Units. Click & Collect Deliver -+ Update. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. When you pick up a timer, make sure you check whether it’s a 7-day model or a 24-hour model. The enclosure is designed to accommodate two further BG Electrical breakers (only BG breakers have been tested and certified as suitable for use) and the busbar has the capacity to connect them as well. Electrical suppliers & wholesalers est. Such units are available in all sizes from 5 way up to 40 way. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Browse our full range of consumer units. If it switches straight off again, you should turn off all the MCBs and then reset the RCD. 4 WAY: 1.9kg 8 WAY: 2.8kg 12 WAY: 3.4kg 16 WAY: 4.0kg 21 WAY: 4.7kg METAL CONSUMER UNITS WAYS DIMENSIONS A B C OVERALL WIDTH DISTANCE BETWEEN CENTRES OF FIXING HORIZONTAL DISTANCE BETWEEN FIXING CENTRES VERTICALLY AS ORIENTATED IN THE DIAGRAMS 4 144 85 147 8 238 168 147 12 310 240 147 16 382 308 147 21 472 400 147 Sentry Technical Consumer unit … Flashcards. Hi 9 Useable Way Consumer Unit c/w IS2100 Isolator, SPD-1PNEC2, 63A MCB & 7 ROH RCBOs of your choice, TT earthing Read more; 13 Useable Way Consumer Unit c/w IS2100 Isolator, Surge Protection & Type A Miniature ROM RCBOs Read more; 9 Useable Way Consumer Unit c/w IS2100 Isolator, SPD-1PNEC2, 63A MCB & 7 ROM RCBOs of your choice Read more; VISIT US AT NICEIC & ELECSA … A steel consumer unit is usually shaped like a box, and it is accompanied by a lid that is of a polycarbonate transparent material. When an RCD does switch itself off, it’s usually to prevent any electric shock or personal injury. Buy 1-WAY INSUL CONSUMER UNIT VG01A. Three-phase neutral board. Circuit breakers can be thought of as similar to RCDs since they are safety switches that turn themselves off automatically to protect electrical circuits from damage. VMLF112SPD. The main switch works manually, turning off the electricity supply to your home in one fell swoop. Learn. If your consumer unit doesn’t use those components, it is almost certainly an older model that is no longer up to code. Trade price* £137.90 /prt. 1 Way Consumer Unit, Miniature Breakers (MCB) with 1 Poles, Crabtree Miniature Breakers (MCB) with 1 Poles, Hager Miniature Breakers (MCB) with 1 Poles, Clipsal Miniature Breakers (MCB) with 1 Poles, MEM Miniature Breakers (MCB) with 1 Poles, 3 Way Consumer Unit in Electrical Fittings in Building Materials, Miniature Breakers (MCB) with 2 Poles, More to explore: 1 Way Consumer Unit, Hager Miniature Breakers (MCB) with 1 Poles, Hager Miniature Breakers (MCB), RCD Incomer Consumer Unit Conduit … This includes replacement where the existing unit doesn’t meet the requirements of BS 7671, for example, where there is no RCD protection. Export Sales +44 1543 455049 export@electrium.co.uk. Simply set the time and leave your unit to do the rest. RCDs are switches that constantly monitor the electrical currents in your home. We also feature boards pre-fitted with surge protection, providing optimal and assured protection. Weathertight. This solution is becoming increasingly popular as it combines the best aspects of a dual RCD unit and main switch consumer unit. 1 Distribution Boards & Consumer Units. It’s not a part of your home that will need frequent adjustment, but you should test your consumer unit regularly and understand how to use some of its features. Consumer Units. Nine times out of ten, you should simply cede to the advice of a qualified electrician. But it took me at least an hour extra to install than it should have done, so can really only recommend this if the extra time time you will spend is worth less than the difference to buy an alternative. Plastic IP65 Weatherproof Unit, (Not Amendment 3) This unit comes with 1 x 6 amp and 1 x 16 amp circuit breakers, if you require different circuit breakers please send us an e-mail or give us a call. 100A Main Switch; 2x 30mA RCDs; 22 or 30 usable ways; High Integrity Ready; NX3 Series - Certificate . Amendment 3 compliant consumer units for use with TT earthing systems. One sure-fire way to know whether you need to upgrade is to check whether you have rewireable fuses – if so, you need a new unit. To understand how it performs that role, you really need to explore the individual roles of its three major components: the main switch, residual current devices, and circuit breakers. It’s something nearly everyone can recognize but which fewer people can name and far fewer actually work. A bit of a shame since consumer units are both important and relatively easy to understand. STUDY. INC VAT. As such, most RCDs are quite sensitive, rated at 30 milliamps – above that level, the electric current becomes dangerous to humans. EZ9E20MCU 20 way metal consumer unit 20 Surge protection consumer units Reference Description Usable Ways EZ9ESLR7R6CMCU 7+6 100A SW SPD, 100A RCCBx2 13 EZ9ESL3R5R5CMCU 3+5+5 100A SW SPD, 100A RCCBx2 13 Dual RCD consumer units Reference Description Usable Ways EZ9ER4R4MCU 4+4 metal consumer unit inc 100A SW, 63A RCCB X 2 8 EZ9ER6R6MCU 6+6 metal consumer unit inc … To do this, a consumer unit is made up of several parts. I will at some point need to get a tradesman in to finish it but I noticed something today.. Pushing it will create an earth leak that should trip the RCD; if it doesn’t, you need to contact a professional. … was £26.99. Trying to install or rewire your own consumer unit without proper certification is not a step you can take; beyond the legal ramifications, you will put yourself at risk of shock and possibly put your property in danger by accidently removing proper safeguards. Consumer Math A unit 2. VMLF110. This solution is becoming increasingly popular as it combines the best aspects of a dual RCD unit and main switch consumer unit. Or there may be no spare capacity in the existing CU to connect additional circuits. For over 30 years, Proteus Switchgear has been at the forefront of British manufacturing - specialising in the production of domestic consumer units and circuit protective devices, working proficiently to supply a full and varied product range. However it has 1 label the RCD test label, no earth or neutral terminal labels. An electric consumer unit is a device that controls the main electricity at the point where it enters your home. If there is a problem with the electricity, it will cut off the supply. I have a 100a incomer to property. Each unit has an integrated spirit level, aiding installing without additional tools. Supplied with busbar, cable and spare blanks. You may overload a light fixture in your bedroom and find that only the electricity in that one room has been turned off – such cases are caused by a single MCB being tripped. Domestic consumer units receive the main electrical supply and distribute it to individual circuits throughout the home to provide electricity. Remember to test each RCD independently. 1 offer from £48.99. Screwfix Community Forum . The MCBs are then inserted themselves, and the bus bar is then placed into the live terminal at the bottom, thereby providing a live feed to all the MCBs and to all the circuits across your property that they control. must have their balances paid in full each month. Metal _1 to 4 Way. There are a few options out there, but you’re almost certainly going to come down to selecting a Wylex or a Hager. View all: British General Domestic Consumer Units. BS 7671 IET Amendment 3. The "way" is the number of slots in which RCDs, MCBs can be installed. An RCD also provides protection against electrical fires caused by earth faults. Wylex 5 Way Metal Consumer Unit with 100A Main Switch (3) £45. £27.50 . Product Code: TPXMC1: Three phase consumer unit; Suitable for light commerical and industrial applications; 1 to 3 way options available; Insulated, metal and IP rated enlclosure options 8 Items . They’ll know the ins and outs of various makes and models, possessing the experience needed to recommend the best consumer unit to meet your needs. Dimensions H-18cm, W-10cm, D-11.5cm. The Consumer Unit, or fuse board is the most important electrical safety device in the home and workplace. MK 30mA Double Pole Two Module Residual Circuit. Design 10. British General 5-Module 1-Way Populated Shower Consumer Unit, Great unit solid construction plenty of room inside for cable terminations, Well priced easy to install and looks good,knocks are better removed with a 20mm cutter and use your own grommets, labels could be better, overall a good buy and I will keep using them. Product code: 82684 Wylex Metal 17th Edition Amendment 3 High Integrity + 10 MCBs Consumer Unit 10 Way £99.00. All you need to do is open the consumer unit, find the main switch, and then turn it off or on – it will not perform either action automatically. The essential function and components of consumer units are the same across all makes, and yet there are different types, including: You may also find yourself choosing between several consumer units made by different manufacturers. View as Grid List. It is important to note that the load current of distribution circuits does not pass through the device. Metal _9 to 12 Way. Can respond rapidly to changing conditions 2. Items 1-9 of 20. More details £ 26.00. Choosing a Consumer Unit 1. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll find your circuits split into two sets, with one RCD controlling each one; when one of those RCDs is tripped, all the circuits that it controls will be turned off. VMLF118SPD. VAT £19.42. Compare. The only plus I can give this is that it looks nice when fitted and it was cheap.