Travel insurance for your Cancun vacation

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Do you really need insurance?

Hopefully not, but we never go on a trip to Mexico without it—the best of medical care in Mexico is expensive, and your regular medical insurance may not reimburse everything. We also purchase the Emergency Evacuation option that will fly you to a hospital in your home country once stabilized (read the fine print).

Note: Most hospitals will require payment with credit card or wire transfer for treatment. You'll have to deal with reimbursement once you return from your vacation.
We purchase our insurance through They offer an easy to use website, plenty of options, and a nice page with explanations of coverage.


Example coverage

Below is the coverage for two, 40-year old travelers using Travel Guard. Total coverage price, about $85us.

The base package includes:

• $10,000us of medical expenses ($50us deductible).

• $100,000us Emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility, or home in case of death.

• 100% trip cancellation if cancelled due to a medical emergency suffered by you or a family member (details on website).

• 100% trip interruption if cancelled due to a medical emergency suffered by you or a family member (details on website).

• $1,000 return air fare for trip interruption.

• $500 trip delay (over 12 hours; details on website).

• $500us missed connection (over 3 hours; details on website).

• $500us baggage loss ($50us deductible).

• $100us baggage delay (more than 12 hours).


• Emergency evacuation (about $3.50us additional)

• Increase total Medical Expense to $25,000us (about $4us additional)

travel insurance coverage explanation
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