Planning and organizing your Cancun and Riviera Maya vacation

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1. Passports and identification

First step, even before you purchase tickets is to make sure everyone in your party has a valid, (UNEXPIRED) passport, or can get a passport in time for the trip.
Note: We've recently heard reports of airlines requiring that a passport NOT EXPIRE for 60 days from the date of the return flight. We're aren't sure of the logic behind this, but if your passport is near expiration, contact your airline for confirmation. Also, check that your drivers license, or legal identification, does not expire soon.

2. Travel insurance

DO NOT travel to Mexico without purchasing travel insurance. Cacun's finest hospitals are expensive and trust us, you definitely want to be seen at one of the finer hospitals. Even with insurance, you'll have to pay for services with a credit card or wire transfer, then be reimbursed by your travel insurance. We currently use

3. Contact your bank

Inform your bank that you will be using your ATM and/or credit card in Mexico, including your dates of travel. Write down a number that you can contact in case your trip is extended for some reason.

4. Make copies of all travel documents

We scan all of our documents, print copies to carry with us on our trip, and send copies to our email.

5. Make a list of emergency information

This includes hotel information, travel dates, and the scans of your travel documents. Leave this information with family members.

6. Prescription and/or medical information

Scan, or copy your prescription information and make note of any medical information that could be necessary in an emergency. Also take your eyeglass prescription, or extra glasses.

7. Save $1 bills

These are perfect for tips in the airport and hotel check-in. We also carry some cash, but there's no need to get pesos ahead of time.


Cancun trip organizer checklist

8. Download and print our trip organizer checklist (below)

Tape this checklist to the front of a large envelope and place items on the list inside as you acquire them.

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