Items you may want to consider packing

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Baby powder

The Caribbean's fine white sand is difficult to get off of your skin. Rub a little baby powder on to absorb the moisture and that sand will fall right off. We purchase travel-size bottles at the local Mega-store.

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Bringing a supply from home will be much cheaper than purchasing it in Mexico, and you'll be able to select your brand. We've tried dozens of sunscreens and we've settled on a favorite—Neutrogena Beach Defense available in a spray or creme.. Note: Several parks and fresh-water swimming areas require the use of bio-degradeable sunscreen. We use Mexitan sunscreen


A koozie will help keep your drink cold on the beach. A collapsable cooler is handy if you plan to explore beaches with no services.

Hair accessories

Ladies, between the wind, salt-water, and humidity, your hair will take on a life of it's own. Take along some bobby pins, hairbands, scarves, and scrunchies. Some of these—made in bright Mexican colors, are fun to shop for in the souvenir shops.

Ziplock bags

We take a selection of sizes. They are great to organize travel items, seperate dirty laundry, and protect electronics on the beach.

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Bag alarm

A motion-sensor, alarm for your bag makes sure thieves can't make off with your valuables. We like one from Doberman Security. Note: Theft is not a major problem, but it probably does happen.

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PacSafe wire-mesh bag

Leaving valuables in the room? Protect them with a PacSafe bag. Also available as backpacks and luggage..


We carry a powerful flashlight for dark areas, keychain flashlights for reading menus. Smartphones can fill the gap in many situations.

Ink pens

You'll need a pen to fill out your immigration and customs forms on the plane; pack a few in your carry on bag.

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Electrical outlet adapter (to add plug-ins)

Most hotel rooms don't have enough outlets. An adapter will provide additional plug-ins to charge cell phones, computer, and cameras. These are available at all home centers, hardware stores, and Walmart stores. We take several with us (but we carry a lot of electronic gear).

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Sea Band accupuressure bracelets

Snorkel boats and ferries can be a problem for many tourists. SeaBands use accupressure to help battle motion sickness (we really think they work, and carry them with us). Available at many drug store chains or online at

Long-sleeve T-shirt

We wear these when snorkeling to avoid sunburn. You can even purchase shirts with spf 50 built into the fabric (available at some sporting goods stores or online at

Sweater or sweashirt

It can get chilly along the ocean at night.

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Travel-size package of wipes

Wipe down your hands, clean toilets, or even use as toilet paper in an emergency. We always carry several packages.

Mosquito repellent

We always put it on before going out in the evening.

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