Calling home from Cancun and the Riviera Maya

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We use wi-fi phone services

The cheapest way to phone home is to use the wi-fi service provided by your hotel (some resorts charge for wi-fi, small hotels typically don't). You can install software on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop; install that same software on family members electronics back home and call (or even video chat) using wifi at no additional charge. If you call a land line or cell phone in the U.S. or Canada, you'll typically pay pennies per minute.

We currently use Skype, but on our next research trip we are going to experiment with WhatsApp, a program that also allows you to send back photos and location data. (available for most smartphones and Android devices.This program allows you to send back photos and location data.

Cell phones

Below are links to the international travel plans offered by the three main carriers. Note: We do not use these plans, prefering to make calls using Skype. We even go to the extent of having our service suspended for the time in Mexico so we don't accidentally get unwanted data charges (you can still use apps in wifi mode).

• Sprint Mexico plans

Worldwide Voice,     International Data Pack

• Verizon Mexico plans

Global Voice Plan,     Global Data Plan

• ATT Mexico plans

Canada & Mexico Travel Minutes (Voice),     Global Data Plan

Pay phones

Purchase a ladatel card—available at most convenience stores—and use pay phones along the street to phone home at reasonable rates.

Country codes

00 is the code to make a call outside of Mexico.
To call USA or Canada, dial: 00+1+Area Code+Number.

To find additional codes, go to

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