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Taxi Tips

Agree on a price before with the driver before you get in—Taxis do not have meters (although there are a few test taxis in Cancun).

We only tip taxi drivers if they do something special for us, like wait while we run into a store, carry bags, or give us some great advice!

Cancun hotel zone taxi service

There are thousands of taxis working the hotel zone of Cancun. You'll find it difficult to walk from your hotel, a restaurant, or mall, without a waiting driver asking if you need a ride; they even honk at you (to let you know they are available) if you are walking along the street. This is great if you take taxis, but they are expensive; we typically use the bus.

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Downtown Cancun taxis

Distances between tourist attractions in downtown are shorter (many are within walking distance of each other), so taxis are less expensive. Like in Cancun city, they will be waiting at all major attractions. If you are trying to catch a taxi along the street, just hold up an arm—one will be along in a few seconds.

Puerto Morelos taxi service

The main taxi station is in the town square near the waterfront, with another along the highway. You can walk to most attractions within the oceanfront tourist area, and most attractions in the pueblo, located along the highway. We use taxis often to get between those two areas.

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Playa del Carmen taxis

Taxis are located every few blocks along the main tourist street that runs parallel to the beach, at grocery stores, and also at major attractions. You can also flag taxis down along the street.

Most attractions in Playa del Carmen are within walking distance, so prices are not outrageous.

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Puerto Aventuras taxi service

Taxis wait in a parking lot next to the marina restaurant area. They do not travel the streets looking for fares. You'll also find them waiting at the gas station for people who get off the colectivo vans.

Most attractions in Puerto Aventuras are within walking distance; we even walk from the highway to the marina area, so we rarely use taxis here.

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Chemuyil taxis

Taxis wait in the center of this small village where colectivo vans drop off passengers. We use this service often to visit a favorite beach.

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Akumal taxi service

Taxis wait near the entrance arch. They do not travel the streets looking for fares. Hotels in Akumal are spread out along a long road, making it difficult to walk to many restaurants and attractions. We consider taxis here to be overpriced and the drivers are almost always rude.

Taxis also wait at an office located inland from the highway.

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Tulum taxis

Tulum is broken down into multiple areas:

• The Mayan ruins. During operating hours there are always plenty of taxis available along the street.

• Tulum city. There are several taxi stands along the main street at and major grocery stores. You can also flag a taxi down along the street.

• Tulum beachfront. Taxis wait at larger hotels and at the south entrance to the Mayan ruins, but most tourists staying in hotels will either need to have the concierge phone for a taxi or flag one down along the street.

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