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You'll find hotel locations in our map series (MapChick's Can-Do maps and travel guides), but since you may just beginning the planning process and don't want to purchase all of our maps, we've also added the listing here.

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How many hotels are there in the Cancun and Riviera Maya tourist zones?

• Playa del Carmen, 169 (mostly small hotels)

• Cancun, 135 (a mix of large hotels on the beach,

  and small hotels in downtown)

• Tulum, 100 (mostly small hotels)

• Riviera Maya, 84 (mostly large resorts)

• Isla Mujeres, 74 (mostly small hotels)

• Cozumel, 65 (mostly small hotels)

• Puerto Morelos, 23 (mostly small hotels)

• Playacar, 19 (mostly large resorts)

• Akumal,15 (mostly small hotels)

• Puerto Aventuras, 4 (mostly medium-size hotels)

• Playa Mujeres, 3 (mostly large resorts)

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