Cancun transportation: City bus

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Cancun hotel zone bus service

There is only one road through the hotel zone, and buses travel it constantly, 24-hours a day.You'll rarely have to wait more than a few minutes for a bus. Once buses arrive in the downtown area, they branch off into several different routes and it can be a little confusing. See our Cancun map & travel guide for detailed bus route maps and additional information.

Downtown Cancun bus service

It's easy to get downtown from the hotel zone and get close to your destination, but once there we prefer to catch a taxi. Buses that travel into the various neighborhoods are mainly intended for local residents and the routes are confusing.

Playa del Carmen bus service

The tourist area of Playa del Carmen is small, so you can easily walk—or take a quick taxi—to nearly all destinations. Bus service is limited to areas inland from the main tourist zone and mainly used by local residents.

Isla Mujeres bus service

The island has limited bus service that runs from the downtown tourist area into the main neighborhood district to the south. The service does not run frequently. If you are on a budget, it might be worth waiting; otherwise it's best to catch a taxi.

Puerto Morelos bus service

Vans run between the oceanfront and the small city located inland, across the highway.

Cozumel bus service

A bus service is available for the neighborhoods, but these areas are typically not visited by tourists.

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Map of Cancun bus routes
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