Cancun airport: Immigration Terminal 3

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How to complete the
Mexican immigration form

Most passengers will fill out this form while on the airplane.

Beginning at the first red bar:

1: First Name

2: Last Name: Ladies, if you have a recent name change, use the name on your passport.

3: Nationality: American, Canadian, etc.

4: Date of birth: Day, month, year

5: Gender: Male or female

6: Passport number

7: Country of residence: Country where you are currently living.

8: Immigration form number: This is for Mexican citizens.

9: Purpose of Trip: Vacation

10: Entering by: Air

11: Airline name: Delta, United, etc.

12: Flight number: See your plane ticket

13: Destination in Mexico: The state is Quintana Roo. Use the abbreviation "Q.R."

If you are staying in a major city write the name as: Cancun, Q.R., or Playa del Carmen, Q.R.

If you staying in a large resort along the coast, write: Riviera Maya, Q.R.

If you will be moving around, write the name of your main destination.

14: Address in Mexico: Write the name of your hotel or resort.

We often arrive with no hotel reservation. In this case, we always write a common hotel name like: Hotel Caracol, hotel Rosa, or hotel Caribe.

The area with bar code.

Write the date (day, month, year), then sign in the small box.

Box with a red bar at the top that reads, "USO OFICIAL": Official use only. Do not write in this area.

Bottom section of
the immigration form

Look for the green bars (that fade to yellow, then white) and the words "Estados Unidos Mexicanos." This section of the form is torn off and returned to you as your "Tourist Card." Keep it in a safe place, you'll need to return it when you depart Mexico.

When completing this section, steps 1 through 6 match steps 1 through 6 above. Steps 7 through 10 match steps 9 through 12.

As you exit the plane, you will walk up a jetway ramp to the second level, where a walkway wraps the outside of the building (tinted light blue on map). At the top of the ramp, an immigration agent will quickly check your paperwork to make sure you've filled out all areas, then point you in the correct direction.
To reach the immigration area you'll need to go down one level. An escalator, stairs, and elevator are avaialble. Restrooms are available as you enter immigration.
As you enter the lines for immigration, here's a tip: Look toward the front of the line and see how many agents are working. Two or more is OK, but avoid a line that only has one agent. If you fly on a weekday, lines will be much shorter than on a Saturday.
Have your immigration card and passports ready. The agent will scan your passport into a computer, stamp it, and tear off the bottom portion of your immigration form. This portion is considered your tourist card. You MUST hand this card back in when you leave Mexico, so keep it in a safe place.
Next it's off to the luggage carousels. Because there are so many arrivals, it can often be difficult to find which carousel your bags will be arriving on (the screens are not always updated). Sometimes there are two flights pulling bags from the same carousel.
Once you have your bags,
it's off to the customs area.
View customs area map
Cancun airport map of immigration area
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