Cancun airport: Customs (terminal 3)

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How to complete the
Mexican customs form

The head of household needs to complete one of these forms for the entire family. Numbers below correspond to box numbers on form at left.

1: Head of household information

Last name, then first name; nationality; then birth date (day, month, year).

2: Time you will stay in Mexico.

The total number of days you will be vacationing.

3: Number of family members
and pieces of luggage.

Family members: If you are traveling alone, 0; with a spouse, 1; etc.

Count the number of bags, including backpacks.

4: How you arrived in Mexico
and flight number

Check "Air Flight," then write the flight number in the line below.

5: Are you carrying currency over $10,000us?

Always a NO for us.

6: Are you carrying foods
or weapons

Customs is mainly concerned about animals, food products, firearms, ammunition, and of course drugs. If you are bringing items to sale, or items for charities, make sure to have a receipt that shows the total value.

7: Sign and date the form here

Day, month, year

Mexican customs form instructions
After collecting your bags, you'll need to get
in line for customs inspection.
Customs is a simple process. You'll pass your bags through a scanner, hand an agent your customs form, then push a button to reveal either a red or green light. Green light, continue on; red light, stop for a more thourough inspection of your bags (even this is not overly intrusive).
As you leave the customs you'll exit through sliding doors into a lobby area. Here you'll find rental car companies, an ATM, restrooms, booths offering transportation to your hotel (see next page for transportation information).
Before you exit the airport, you'll see a booth for Yellow transfers. If you do not already have arrangments for transportaiton to your hotel, you may need to stop here (Note: It's best—and cheapest—to make arrangements online in advance.

FAQs about customs and duties:

• What can I bring duty free?

Your typical vacation items including camera, phone, computer, kids video games, etc are not an issue. You are also allowed to bring $300us (per traveler) in items for friends or charities, but bring a reciept for those items to prove the value. The $300us per traveler can be combined among family members (2 travelers=$600us, 3 travelers=$900us)
List of allowed items.

• What Items are restricted / prohibited?

Guns and ammunition will land you immediately in jail. Other restricted items are shown in this official listing. You also must declare animals, agricultural products, medications, and cash exceeding $10,000us (link)

• When would I have to pay the 16% tax?

If items you are bring in (above and beyond typical vacation items) exceeds the $300us per person limit, you'll be asked to pay a duty on the amount over $300us. Just make sure that the amount doesn't exceed $3,000us because then you have to hire a customs broker (expensive and time-consuming).
Link to official information.
Cancun airport map of customs area
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