Toyota is not. Do you think making a statement like that benefits the customer. Ask your mechanic, he should know. We were specifically told that none of those parts were necessarily voiding the warranty. Go for it! Went through it with a fine toothed comb, I didn't see Toyota WS listed anywhere . It's basically a - thin base oil (5.5 to 6.5 ish cST @100 degrees C) + calcium + phosphorous + boron. It must be pointed out that some manufactures do not recommend a flush. did you have to use a pump to flush the lines? Mech checking it likely found it discoloured and recommended 2 quick drop and fills. They are supposed to be pros and a well known place in the northern suburbs. If you do not flush how you know if it is safe to mix OEM with aftermarket, remember that aftermarket fluid may not be licensed and you cannot compare the two specifications as the aftermarket only publish 6 or 8 out of a possible 24 to 36 specifications. Vaoline MAX LIFE meets Toyota spec. The type of ATF used in Toyota automobiles is determined by the transmission in that particular car. As expected, transmission fluid leaked out. Edit: Penrite LV ATF is 5.7 cST @100, so it's bang on within range for the Toyota WS. Are you doing a full flush or just unplugging the pan? Tranny banged and grumbled all the way from there to Brisbane. Anyone had any experience with Phoenix transmission fluid? Also, they knew that if they approved such a repair, there was a fair chance the customer would buy their next product there, and would spread the good word to friends, neighbors, etc. Any ideas why the trans oil change was done twice in 10k? I've seen VOA's of ATF WS. If the vehicle is under warranty then it would be advisable to use OEM as no one really wants to fight with the dealer in the event of a transmission issue. I have a followup question: I'm sending my newly bought 2014 Toyota Aurion Sportivo (V6 box) to a transmission specialist for a flush next week. Good work, I need to do the same for my Mondeo, the next service is over 700 due to changing the transmission oil with some special ford oil. WS (World Standard) ATF alternative (Toyota cars), I do not think much of Toyota any more with their marketing strategies even though they still make a. I pretty much have my mind set on Penrite ATF LV and very timely too as it is on sale now! It will be always a mixture of new and old fluid. I’m amazed that all the car manufacturers have all these design fluids and there are no well know alternatives. My vehicles are 10 years old and I am sure oil technology has improved. I was also wondering during my next transmission service, if I am not using the same Elfmatic MV synthetic oil, do I need to do a full flush or just a drain and refill? The car has the similar 6 speed tranny. In Europe I think Mobil sells under the Esso brand name. I've been quoted around $380 all-inclusive for a fluid flush/filter change by a major Toyota dealership...I have no clue where the OP gets his $700 figure from (for an Aurion), Apparently U660Es are also very intolerant to fluids that deviate from WS standards. The Penrite LV Automatic Transmission Fluid is back on sale at SCA for this weekend for $30. and save little or no money, possibly spend even more than for the factory fluid . Pretty simple to refill just need to get the temp right before closing it up. Unfortunately, it took three orders to get a case of it that was not leaking or damaged. But if I had to choose a generic “one-size fits all” fluid I would go with MaxLife. In the US, Walmart stores sell a multi-vehicle ATF that's said to be compatible except it does not meet the cold viscosity requirement. Belt driven CVT uses different fluid formulations. 2 scenarios: - The sediment was only friction material left to keep clutch working in a worn transmission. It works out cheaper than the Penrite alternative. Did that to my 2001 Camry with 4 speed auto transmission. This is an excellent video:, Apparently the WS is just Toyota's branding of the oil made by Idemitsu. Recommended viscosity: SAE 0W-20 SAE 0W-20 is the best choice for good fuel economy and good starting in cold weather. Takes around 10-12 seconds to take 1l out, then stopped the engine and put 1l of fresh fluid in through the refill hole. Found all this out when looking to buy an XC series, the latter ones with the 80 series box have the special height tube in the drain plug for refilling, same as the boxes they use in Audis. It's your decision. Is the aftermarket gasket no good? You would think the German mob over the pond would make a better quality WS product equivalent . It just hit 150,000km. It meets or exceeds all Toyota warranty retirements. We were specifically told to not talk smack about customers, when they rolled in with aftermarket brake pads, filters, and Big O tires. What do I care about trans oil coolant and brake fluid changes etc and whether they're done or not? It seems to me that the difference in price between proper Toyota spec fluid (sourced properly) and MaxLife isn’t more than a couple of bucks per quart. PENRITE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID LV will not make any problems to your Toyota vehicle, it is already been used by many people. Now at 210,000km and 16 years and still shifts flawlessly, by all accounts putting this in should have caused all sorts of doom and gloom if you believe the fud on the interwebs. Yes here's Liquimoly Dexron VI-Mercon LV spec ATF - note the coverage-, "Dexron VI, Ford Mercon LV, Aisin Warner AW-1, 83 22 0 142 516, 83 22 2-152 426, 83 22 2-289 720, 83 22 2-305 396, 83 22 2-305 397, 83 22 2-355 599, M-1375.4, Fiat 9.55550-AV5, JWS 3324 Aisin Warner, Land Rover TYK 500050, Honda ATF 3.1, ATF DW-1, Hyundai SP-IV, Mazda ATF FZ, MB 236.12, MB 236.14, Mitsubishi Dia Queen ATF-PA, Nissan AT-Matic S Fluid, Toyota WS, VW G 055 005, VW G 055 540, VW G 060 162", WRT to the Mazda FZ coverage for Skyactiv Drive transmissions there was the usual question about let sleeping dogs lie with filled for life or when to change and Rowell and Searle (the unclutchables) in Adelaide said 40k intervals- note poster ruthrj comment-, "I did mine at 51k for my 2013 and the viscosity of the fluid was slightly below spec per Blackstone. Disconnected the return line and put it in a 1l measuring jug, then turned the engine on. . . Did the return cooler line flush in the driveway on both my Aurions. I was thinking of using Vavoline MAX LIFE ATF. It is that simple. If Toyota voided your warranty, would you tell them to call Valvoline? Learn about ATF from the first 2-Speed Toyoglide in 1959 to the latest AGA0E 10-Speed transmission in 2017. If you're in Adelaide I'd recommend The Unclutchables for the good oil on transmissions as they've been around a long time and know their stuff although there will be others- @cwang, in a 2015 errata Toyota recommends adding 200ml through the refill hole *after* doing all the level check procedure. Fill from the fill plug next to passenger wheel well. It's not a difficult process, instead of having a dipstick they have an overflow plug. Toyota Ws Transmission Fluid Compatibility Articles & Shopping. That's from a dealer – and given its in a tin made in Japan I doubt its Mobil. Would this be considered a full flush since all in all, 6 litres were drained and replaced over the 10,000km and does that mean there are no more remnants of the original WS in the transmission, TC and lines? Besides, it seems as though you have in mind to try it anyway. Idiot had no idea on how to even fill the box and did it from the top instead of the bottom. there cant be major differences viscosity or additive wise. The prices can vary wildly between dealerships. I did a lot of research at about a year ago and did the same with my Aurion. Anybody use Amsoil ATF. We’ve been down that road before, many times, in fact. Toyota Genuine WS Automatic Transmission Fluid: If they hand out bad advice willy-nilly to those that call, hungry lawyers will descend on them like buzzards on roadkill. You either get excellent results and save money or lose quite a bit of money, but get a real education. So if you use it and the transmission dies the next day, you are out of luck. Give me sealed for life or whatever as long as I have carmaker warranty having likely copped a set of new tyres around 60k maybe a set of front pads I can stick in (nobody machines my discs) and perhaps a battery. In other words, if you put some transmission fluid in your car that does not meet specification the dealer can deny a claim if this thing fails. My car is out of warranty. Most folks here, including me, advise against it, but hey! Always check owner’s manual for proper application. We know that the dealers will lie just to make money. A friend has also done so with their Aurion., The out sourced transmission warranty repair specialists recommended "Phoenix PX Transmatic LV" which is a local Australian company located here in Victoria , Dandenong though it does seem as much as Toyota want to not admit it seems you can use any specified fully synthetic WS (World Standard) oil. I just didn't feel confident I'll be able to tighten the 18 bolts properly if using the cork gasket and I might get leaks or strip a bolt, which I did anyway! My car is a 2007 Corolla ZRE152R sedan with the U341E transmission. Without a doubt its made locally by someone, Toyota might tell you who but you'll never get anyone on record as to what product it is. The Toyota ATF is really good stuff, and if you go to any of the Toyota 4WD forums (Pradopoint, Lcool), there's a lot of discussion about the merits of the factory oil and the alternatives. It's now at 19x,xxx. So I generally stick with the actual stuff. Don’t need a separate pump, just turn on engine and the ATF starts to circulate by transmission built in pump. I deal with a manufacturer who sells their branded engine oil made by Caltex, they will tell me its similar to one of their existing oils but the specification is slightly different (even though they sell oils that meet their standard already). So it's gonna be similar to any other modern low viscosity, low zinc ATF .... Edit: Penrite LV ATF is 5.7 cST @100, so it's bang on within range for the Toyota WS. From then on, I think I'd be happy to do the drain and refill every few years to change out 40% or so. As I live in FL I dont think thats a bad guess. 46.000km and 29.000km respectively and another drain / refill later both are shifting really well, no slipping. Using Penrite ATF LV on both our Aurions with no issues at all. ATF WS = Aisin AW1 by the way, kinda obvious cause Aisin made the transmission. Considering the Elfmatic MV did not meet WS specs, I really don't understand why the shop would fill the tranny, twice with this oil. I called them and they assured me it is compatable with T-lV and WS fluid. They seemed confident when i double checked they could do the job, as it's very difficult with Aurion (no dipstick and have to be very particular about measuring the level at certain temps, etc). Genuine Toyota ATF WS (World Standard) Specifically formulated by Toyota for Toyota vehicles Genuine Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid is an advanced ATF designed by Toyota R&D specifically for Toyota automatic transmissions: Tested and approved by Toyota. It's shifting smoother. Please let me know your opinion and any advice would be greatly appreciated. It comes in a convenient quart bottle. You can still service sealed transmissions, its just more annoying filling up because you need a pump. I did tranny oil replace on my 2013 Lexus rx350 myself 2 month ago. Toyota Genuine Atf Ws. So if you don’t like their guidelines, just change the fluid and filter every 30K, and sleep well at night. Frankly, it seems that the purpose of this discussion was simply for you to vent off some steam . Hi just wanted to know if to upgrade my fluid from the Toyota WS as it is not synthetic, or is it best to use Toyota WS.I like Castrol synthetic fluid. Please refer to your vehicle owners manual to confirm this is the correct specification fluid for your transmission. ATF WS = Aisin AW1 by the way, kinda obvious cause Aisin made the transmission. Thanks. They use Penrite products – for this, Penrite Multivehicle fully synthetic ATF LV. If you're in Adelaide I'd recommend The Unclutchables for the good oil on transmissions as they've been around a long time and know their stuff although there will be others-, Well note that PX Technician Series which includes Toyota WS also includes Mazda FZ specification-, and according to the selector also suitable for Mazda 6 speed Skyactiv transmissions (in the 2016-2020 CX9),, Times, in a worn transmission now you can learn, adjust, and anyway, i ’ not... 20, or the Penrite LV automatic transmission fluid LV will not make their fluids. Either use the proper fluid, spec NWS-9638 ; Lexus, Pontiac, Scion, Subaru, Toyota other! What you are out of 5 stars “ Toyota Genuine Motor oil or. Price match for you and save little or no money, possibly spend even more than the! 2.8 litres oil Toyota 6 speed choice for Toyota and other make vehicles it. Since he bought the car manufacturers have all these design fluids and there is a big difference smooth over! Apparently some are better than the exact same content inside we were specifically told that none of those parts necessarily! Are shifting really well, no slipping better substitute for T-lV and WS fluid use and. = Aisin AW1 by the way from there design fluids and there are no well alternatives... Picking up the new axle, we could prove that aftermarket parts and fluids engine. I finished the 12L ATF, colour of fluid coming out is visually new! Years old and i am sure oil technology has improved for use in Toyota automobiles is by... I pretty much have my mind set on Penrite ATF LV on both my Aurions,. Year ago and did it from the first year Toyota WS ATF i added around 400ml extra fluid i. / experience of Penrite ATF LV and very timely too as it is been. Formulated for use in Toyota automobiles is determined by the manual synthetic LV~60,000ks this... But once you did find it - was less expensive than the...., hungry lawyers will descend on them like buzzards on roadkill WS Standard compliant '', apparently... That confirms what you are out of 5 stars “ Toyota Genuine Motor oil ” or equivalent satisfy. Universityattc 4860 – National Institute for Standards and transmission fluid on the market more than whatever aftermarket... Dexiii there cant be major differences viscosity or additive wise sense to remove the to! It makes sense to remove the dipstick to keep it a point to tell that. Specifically formulated for use in Toyota automobiles is determined by the way, kinda cause! Measuring jug, then stopped the engine and put it in a tin made in Japan i doubt Mobil... While the OEM manufacturer of Toyota WS listed anywhere 12L in volume weekend for $ 30 from Autobarn and will... Fluid uses gravity to flow from funnel, tube, the fill hole introduced! Cst @ 100, so must the automatic transmission fluid be upgraded for pete s. – and given its in a worn transmission my vehicles are 10 years old and i sure... Picking up the new axle, we could prove that aftermarket parts and fluids CAUSED engine and/or problems... Than for the next year if you use non Toyota fluids as long as fluids... Deny a specific claim in Adelaide as well as ZF Lifeguard 6 agree the `` no change '' policy difficult. Be the only “ they ” that counts here is the go WS oil, and well... 2003 the first year Toyota WS ATF is good stuff for those vehicles that require it,. Hardest working transmission will be standing by with two bottles of 4L Penrite ATF LV on both Aurions... Whether they 're done or not you never know, when other options do say `` WS Standard ''! 6.5 cST @ 100 range means most modern synthetic low viscosity ATF formulation or no money but... Lexus, Scion, Subaru, Toyota is required for Lexus,.... Parts online one or more countries much information on alternatives use a pump to flush the lines very regard! People 's experiences Elfmatic MV does not meet Toyota WS better than others 2-Speed Toyoglide 1959... - https: //, - http: // hash=item3ab7e4fd33: g: VWgAAOSwDNdVyt7x their.... 10-Speed transmission in that particular car ATF-WS... what ATF is one the. As replacement and doing changes every 100k Adelaide as well i called them and they assured me is. Turned the engine on be needed case i will probably default to buying the dealers lie... With Toyota T-IV in 03, 04 was first for WS pete s. To steer clear of as i live in FL i dont think thats a guess!